STEAM SALE! Skullgirls 33% off! Only until January 2nd, 2014


Now is the perfect time to try out the most original fighter of this generation!


hmm i dunno about original, but its a damn good game that is criminally underplayed. specially considered the stuff that does get played.


When a game’s tagline is “based off mvc2” I don’t think it qualifies as original.

It certainly has the most original frames of animation that have been hand drawn.

Also before buying the game look up some BnBs, some people don’t want to learn 20-40 input combos.

That said I played a guy in japan 250 ms and it felt like he was beside me.
So this game is HELLATIGHT.


I blame marvel 3


I think it’s cool game with awesome characters, but this is why I don’t play it.


I’ll be honest, I felt that way, then I saw max learn how to play filia in like an hour, and sure enough an hour later I can do a 20 hit bnb that ends in two supers and does a gajillion damage.

If I knew MikeZ IRL I’d punch him in the dick for making squigly though, on PC everyone plays solo squigly and it’s mind melting.


Skullgirls is still going through a lot of changes, the latest beta (which will probably make it into the real game) has much shorter combos meaning you have to go for resets a lot more. Also combos off assists get severely scaled as well. Anyways it is free to play this weekend so no harm in checking the current version out.


Question, is the game free for just the weekend or free if you get it this weekend?
I have some friends that would like to try it before buying it

But SG is a MVC2 clone from what i recall so i don’t see the original part :coffee:


The game is free until 10am PST on Monday. Squigley doesn’t come with the base game so make sure to download her for free if you want to play her.

Edit: Squigely isn’t playable. Thought she was because I seen her as free DLC. NVM


But you can’t play with Squigly or the beta during the free weekend unless you buy the game.


Squiggly was supposed to become non-free DLC this November (or is it after November?) so if you’re on the fence jump in because $10 is not a lot of money these days and you’ll probably want squiggly free if you’re counting coins anyways.

She’ll be pay 2 play soon.


This is what all fighters on PC should do.


Don’t forget that Big Band (already in the beta version), Eliza, Beowulf, and Robo Fortune will all be free as well!


I downloaded it last night. I liked the game play, I just couldn’t get into the goth girl theme.


The game has a running 1930s theme, but I wouldn’t say it’s goth at all(aside from Squiggly, maybe).


I have the opposite problem. The character designs are all sweet and the animation’s top notch, but the game play just rubs me the wrong way.


I dissed the game quite heavily until I actually bought it for Steam and gave it a go. I don’t count on ever getting good at the game (unless they make some serious revisions to the game), but it’s a unique experience (speaking as a PC gamer with no real access to UMVC3), and only ten bucks? If you consider yourself a fighting game enthusiast of any kind, you’ll pick it up at that price.

I was around when Marvel 2 was a new game, and I can tell you, this is no Marvel 2 (a good thing, imho). It’s its own game, and it’s worth checking out. For those of you wondering what “free weekend” means, no, sorry, you don’t get to keep the game for free just for downloading it this weekend. You can play it for free for the weekend only, but if you buy it during the “free weekend,” you can save 33%.

It’s a crazy game, and while it’s still suffering through various hiccups, it’s got a long life ahead of it, and I think it kind of falls under the same category as KOFXIII in terms of “nobody wants to play it because it’s so damn difficult to master.” But don’t be afraid. There are plenty of other relative scrubs online like me!


I don’t like the nerf to Marie. Its no fun beating her effortlessly.


Beat that 300% if you’re so great


Skullgirls is on sale again for a Steam flash sale. 50% off, but only 5hrs 45min left.