Steam: SSF4:AE 4 Pack group buy


Hey guys,

Steam has the 4 Pack SSF4:AE on sale for $59.95.

Does anyone want to do a group buy with me? It comes to $15/person.

Please PM if interested

SFIV AE: Group Buy
Anyone interested in SSF4: AE for PC?

I would be down for that


I am down.


I’m down. Let me know the details.


Ok thanks guys, we have enough ppl for the group buy

I sent an email to all of you. Bollabama, you were the last to reply so might be included in this group buy (which is a max of 4 ppl including myself) unless someone drops out.

Thanks again


I’m down for the next batch if anyone’s doing one.


looks like we all sent in the money. thanks for catching the sale!




Hi guys,

The group buy is completed. Thanks to all that participated. I sent you all emails with instructions on how to activate your copy of SSF4:AE via Steam.

Anyone else that is interested, you are welcome to do so but the sale ends Jan 2, so the sooner the better.


Bumping this for interest. I have 2/4 already. Need 1-2 more at the $120 price for $30 each. Would be via paypal and then share with friends through Steam


Apologies, posting again to ensure I have “email notifications” on. (hard to figure out these forum options sometimes)


bump, going ahead one way or the other this weekend. let me know


I’ll jump in on the next sale if they do one again at $60 for 4. But I am not willing to pay $30 to buy this game for 4th time.


Just FYI, gamestop has a digital version for $20 right now. I don’t have much interest in that since i specifically want it tied to steam… but i figured i’d throw it out there.


Steam sale again. Anyone want to run the group buy?

4 for $60. comes to $15 each.

Only 37hrs left.


It should be coming down to 9.99 each or 29.99 for 4 pack at the end of the summer event like it was 3 weeks ago.


How certain are you of this? Do they do that regularly at the end of summer?


They run the best deals of the sale back for the final day. I wouldn’t count on it to happen this year, though, since AE was never a daily deal at any point.


It was on 07/13. It was on sale for $9.99 and all alt outfit for $7.49.


As a flash deal, not a daily deal.