Steam Summer Sale: What have you brought?


Hey guys,

Just wondering if any of you have bought anything from this amazing summer sale and if you’ve enjoyed any of the games youve brought. So far i’ve purchased:

Plants vs Zombies GOTY Edition (Really fun once you start but gets repetitive the further it goes, especially since i’ve played it before).
The Binding of Isaac with Soundtrack (Pretty good, takes a while to get used to though)
Dungeons of Dredmore
From Dust
Payday: The Heist
Anno 2070
Painkiller Complete Pack

Now i’m contemplating whether to buy GTAIV if it becomes a flash sale, The Walking Dead series and Skyrim if it goes on sale.

What about you?


I wonder if this is a part of the Steam Summer sale. Assassin’s Creed Pack on sale for $34.99 USD (73% off).

Every (major) Assassin’s Creed game until AC 3, along with DLC, in glorious 16x AA/AF + maxed settings at 1920x1080 resolution? I’m also only part-way through AC 1 on the PS3…

Fuck me, I’m sold.


Yep thats part of the sale, good deal too.


God damn!!!
Apparently last year they had the Mass Effect and Splinter Cell series on sale, and this year I missed out on the BioShock and Dead Space sale! Not to mention Deus Ex 3 got beaten out by Skyrim… At least today I get to vote on Batman: Arkham City and the Crysis series is on 75% discount.

So far, I’ve bought
[]Assassin’s Creed pack
]Mirror’s Edge
[]F.E.A.R. collection
]Dear Esther
[*]Crysis collection
Thanks for reminding me about the Summer Sale. Now I need to work my butt off to gain back the money.


[]Portal 2 ($5)
]Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ($10)
[*]Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic ($2.5)
I got Portal 2 mainly because of custom maps (I’ve beaten the Xbox 360 version).
AE was too cheap to pass up.
KotOR is KotOR.