Steam version run well on low-end PCs?


Hello everyone!

I’m a scrubby Street Fighter player wanting to dip my toes into this game. I hear the PC version is the best version to pick up, but I unfortunately only have a crappy laptop from 2009 at the moment. As a frame of reference, it can play counterstrike: source pretty well, but not counterstrike GO… I have 4 gigs of ram, a dual core processor at 2.13ghz, and a crappy, obscure graphics card (NVidia Geforce 110M). My apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this question. I appreciate any answers and hope I can try out this beautiful game.

EDIT: Before anyone recommends (can you run it), I have already used it. It says that my graphics card can’t run it at the minimum requirements, but I think it’s worth asking on here, since that website has proven to be inaccurate for me in the past.


Can you give other games as frames of reference? Can it run SF4, for example (KOF is noticeably lighter than it)?


I don’t know if it can run SF4, since I play it on 360. I don’t play a ton of games on my PC, but other ones include Team Fortress 2 and Killing Floor. I can’t run Civilization 5. Hope this helps, trying to look at popular games for reference.


Hm, I don’t play any of those, sorry :confused:

For what it’s worth, if you have friends you can practice/play with, the console => Climax (Climax=steam/arcade) version balance changes are so minor as to not matter, so you could just buy the game for 360 and play with friends offline.


Try this website -


If your Computer cant handle CS:GO then I doubt it can run KoF13 well enough for it to be playable or might not even run it at all.


Read my post again.


Thank you, this is exactly the answer I was looking for.


Thank you, I’m considered purchasing it for the 360 now.

EDIT: My apologies for the three posts, I should have replied to all of them in one. I’ll be sure to do it next time.