Steel City Struggle 2.1 Pittsburgh PA 9/10/12


The kick-off to Season 2 was hype. Big upsets, some expected things, a Tekken player not getting dead last in Street Fighter. Some top players were missing, but hopefully that rectifies itself next time.

Super SFIV (16 Entrants)
1st. ShinLad (Dictator/Cammy)
2nd. TJ (Ryu)
3rd. Aaron Brooks (Boxer)
4th. ParryAll (Rufus)
5th.Rock Steady (Boxer)
5th. Guiseppe (Ken)
7th ToiYet (Rufus)
7th. Serpa (Zangief/Seth)
9th. SolidOutlaw (E.Honda)
9th. KaijinJin (Guile)
9th. Bandit (Akuma)
9th. Langrisser (Dictator)
13th. DragonCrusher (Cammy)
13th. Matt (Makoto)
13th. Azik (Seth)
13th. DietBob (E.Honda)

BlazBlue CS (10 entrants)
1st. Superscience890 (Bang)
2nd. Toiyet (Litchi)
3rd. Butters the Boodedge (Ranga)
4th. Sicksided (Hazama)
5th. SolidOutlaw (Tager)
5th. DragonCrusher (Ragna)
7th. Bonkler (Bang)
7th. Looptron (Bang)
9th. Rock Steady (Bang)
9th. Langrisser (Hakumen)

Tekken 6 (9 entrants)
1st. Tekmanic (???)
2nd. KaijinJin (Paul)
3rd. Looptron (Christie)
4th. DigitalCount (Lars/King)
5th. SolidOutlaw (Dragunov)
5th. ToiYet (Bryan)
7th. DragonCrusher (Leo/Bob)
7th. ShinLad (Lili)
9th. Langrisser (Hworang?)


ShinLad 10 points
TJ 7 points
Aaron Brooks 5 points
ParryAll 3 points

Superscience890 10 points
ToiYet 7 points
Butters the Boodedge 5 points
Sicksided 3 points

Tekken 6
Tekmanic 10 points
KaijinJin 7 points
Looptron 5 points
DigitalCount 3 points.