Steel Toe Work Boots

Recommend me some boots with steel toe. I need them for work.

They’ve got to look cool. I went to Cavender’s, but it seems they didn’t carry anything I liked. The only model I liked, they didn’t have.

Timberland’s look cool, but I don’t know if they are of good quality or not.

Anyway, recommend me some.

dude, what kind of work are you doing? thats the big issue here. I work in masonry. I go through a pair of boots every 2-3 months. so i buy anything that meets the safety requirments at the cheapest price.

Wal-mart. Brahma low-top steel toe shoes, 36 bucks. Fuck a heavy-ass boot. These bitches look like sneakers and as long as you just have them for protective reasons, and aren’t routinely kicking metal/concrete, or dropping 50lb+ crap on your feet, they last about 7-9 months before wearing out.

Um dude…their fucking work boots it doesn’t matter if their cool or not. They just need to protect your feet from whatever heavy duty work you are doing, and yea the kind of work your going to be doing has a huge impact on the type of boot you buy. Like I poor molten aluminum at my work so I wear Steel toed boots with a steel spat and their kick offs as well in case aluminum gets in my boots. They’re also head resistant.

What kind of work are you doing?

I work with bearings (mech. engr.) so nothing heavy duty from what I understand. As I see it, I will be visiting sites to inspect pretty sizable machinery where in which some sort of bearing(s) failed, visiting factories, I might be assembling heavy machinery or at least the bearing(s) that go on the shaft.

I don’t think my work environment will be that hardcore. I probably need boots in case I step on something sharp and nasty, and also in case I drop something heavy on my foot.

what’s your price range?

Usually want one that also has the boot portion that extends over the ankle some. It’s easy to get that section pinched in between two metal pieces and hurt yourself. For me: comfort > looks

Nothing like working three hours into your shift with 9 to go and the steel toe section is hurting your toes.

Is it required for the police to wear steel-toed boots?

My homie had to get steel toes for his workplace as well, but he went for titanium toed boots. Dunno about their durability (he’s only been there for about six mos.) but he says they’re comfy and light and they look like they’re holding up to me. These look pretty sweet though: Timberland Titanium Alloy Work Boots

Forget about looks right now. Two reasons: 1. They’ll get dirty and it won’t matter and 2. You won’t give a shit after a while. Comfort is your one and only priority when looking for work boots.

I have a pair of caterpillar boots that I have a special bond with. I’ve had them for 11 years now… wow. I just can’t get rid of them! Love 'em so much, and they’re still in ok condition.

This is similar to what I have. They’re light weight and look nice and are steel toe. Ive had mine for about 5 years now and they’re still in good condition.

Don’t be cheap, I tried that once, the boots ended up harming my feet instead of protecting them.

Converse makes some steel toed footwear that look pretty inconspicuous.
Converse Steel Toe Shoes

Puma looks good

I’ve been told that Wolverines are the best brand and have a life time warranty…that works.

Timbaland’s SUCK.

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Timberlands are fucking horse shit. Wolverines are the only way to go, dont be a cheap ass when it comes to your feet.

Get something slip resistant and comfortable. Like Jarekov said don’t be cheap when it comes to your feet. Red wing is pretty good, also Georgia boot has a steel toe work shoe.

haha I tried wearing tims as my steel toe also, didn’t last a day.

I have a pair of red steel toed wingtips…

my friends call them my cuban drug dealer shoes.

If you’re going to be working outside for extended periods of time in the cold, make sure you get your boots with good insulation. Believe me, it sucks having to wear 3 pairs of socks so your toes don’t freeze off. I learned this the hard way last year.