Steet fighter World Warrior?

Is there any good STWW sites?
With combos, matches etc. I haven’t found anything about this game. Not even with google:S
And I’ve heard about some TZW#7 tape. What is this?


Get ready to see a lot of Guile, lol.

Yeah, I’ve noticed that Guile is one of the better WW characters. But do you know of any sites?

I uploaded the old Gamest tape which had about 60 to 90 minutes of matches back to back. You might wanna try the CV forums to see if anyone saved it.

I’ve checked CV forums yet found anything. :frowning:

WW is pretty damn awful as far as being a 2-player competitive game. It’s only real value is that it has some cool combos (but not many), and some cool glitches.

TZW Volume 7 actually covers all SF games WW through Alpha 2. It has some cool stuff for WW, but it gets really repetitive (lots of Guile combos that look alike).

I don’t think it’s uploaded anywhere, but here’s the transcript:

How come it’s not uploaded?

doesn’t guile have this crazy glitch off of his throw where the opponent can’t do anything and you get a free kill? magic throw or seomthing?

Yeah, he does have that shit and it was pretty fucken retarded, I remember my cousins and them doing that all the time, and sometimes I forgot what they’d do but it would sometimes crash the arcade and restart. WW Guile was full of glitches.

WW has low tier Shotos. :wgrin:


Magic handcuffs!

Good luck finding materials… not a lot of video or anything like that from the pre-Internet dark ages.

But I do suggest reading this entirely excellent thread:

That ought to help your jones for info on the golden days.

Check this site out. Mostly a glitch site for WW.

And the award for Understatement Of The Century goes to…


(Guile was banned at every single local tournament I played in my younger days)

The DVD that comes with Yoga Book Hyper has movies of some of the glitches from WW.

But who has this TZW tape?O_o

rofl ‘steet’

lil jon: steet steet steet steet

Isn’t every match Guile vs Dhalsim because Guile was the best, and you couldn’t pick the same character, and Dhalsim was the only character that could fight him?




I was always under the impression that Dhalsim was considered the second-best character in the game anyway. Actually had an argument with someone a little while back who insisted that Ryu/Ken had the advantage against Dhalsim. :rofl: Poor guy thought that hurricane kick went over Yoga Fire in WW…

but yeah, has there ever been a general consensus on how the characters are ranked after Guile and Dhalsim?