Step it up (advanced yun play)



so i accidentally deleted my post with all these ideas n stuff but here’s a start. (i went to ctf and got some info)

Can you do lk upkicks into ultra with yun? the setup would be something to the extent of anti air lk upkicks>ultra, xept im not sure that range will reach. in which case you would have to do something like upkicks>walk forward>ultra.

so yall gets on my ass cus “we’ve already discussed this wahhhh” now it looks like you can do it char specific.

yall need to stop acting like "we talked about it for 2 weeks after the game came out tried it 5 whole times! and now im absolutely positively sure it doesnt work. or better yet i heard someone tried it a few times and am equally sure it doesnt work. new game… n all…

Are there any good enders in gj which aren’t the totally basic, but by no means terrible, single ender consisting of 1 single dive kick?

some ideas i have on this front would be:

forward fierce>lunge punch
hp shoulder >forward fierce(facing away from corner)>lunge punch\ultra\upkicks\sweep
launcher>up kicks
launcher(last active hit of gj)>palm>lunge punch\upkicks
launcher>forward fierce>lunge punch

although they dont do great dmg if you get that reset in there it could have ALOT of potential.

lastly ill point out that resetting earlier in gj, around the 5th-6th (or further down the line) hit when dmg scaling starts really nurfing your damage, could be a really good idea.

pros: so much more dmg, and you land first so you have so many options to attack when your opponent finally lands… command grab comes to mind, but also remember that your normals have dif priority in gj so meaties could be fairly reasonable in this situation. just dont go tryin to launch kick a srk happy shoto or anyone who loves abusing that kinda attack in those situations, balrog, cammy, guile, yun, fei, so on(have the potential).

also mix up your resets if doing them so early. like the first one you could do command grab, this early in the game and with no one having done this yet that’s a like 80% chance of hitting. the second time they already know what you wanna do and they wanna get away from a supposed second grab. perfect time to do a launcher to stop a jump away or a fierce punch or shoulder to stop back dash. if you hit fierce on backdash realize this will pop them up and you’ll need to do a near immediate lunge punch or shoulder. idk maybe you could even do both like do launcher can cancel out asap into fierce punch so if they jump you got them if they backdash you got them.

cons: you gota hit them again and this will probably be harder than it sounds cus they’re desperate to gtfo at that moment.

been to ctf learning…

discuss ~ be creative ~ dun troll ~ more ideas


This didnt need its own thread. This would be classified under combos, or general chat.


no you cannot do GJ after Ultra and have it connect there isn’t enough time, also I dont think it would be possible to do lk upkicks into Ultra unless you managed to only land the 2nd hit… I believe if you land the 2nd hit you can tack on a lunge punch so a Ultra would be possible. Also as stated many times Yun and Yang CANNOT SJC cancel its just a regular jump cancel.


most probably general chat. dude is just theory fighting and seems oblivious to things that were already figured out…

im still getting the hang of this character, not too used to character with low health… still need to learn to use dive kicks more efficiently.


Seeing that hitbox data of Yun’s divekick, and since it probably won’t change. Yun’s will probably need to do their divekicks smart, most likely as wake up pressure and feints. If they had the hitbox on his extended foot, then Yun’s would be able to go crazy.


haha yeah i was shocked when i tried to do dive kick against sonic hurricane… and got hit by the SH instead…


ok i didn’t realize they couldnt sjc, but dont tell me “no you cannot do GJ after Ultra and have it connect there isn’t enough time” like you’ve tried it a dozen times and so its in stone. not saying i know it works, but i wasn’t really asking any one man if it does when i posed the question either.

did i mention this was all theory fighter and how i need to get my hands on the game? oh wait that’s right i did.

look you guys few who posted so far are entirely missing the point of the thread. i want new ideas and solid knowledge to prove\disprove them. imo that’s by no means deserving of being in general chat but imma take a step back from the thread either way till i get my hands on the game.


Actually sir on the Japanese Blogs and from countless players and everyones efforts from trying AE have said you are unable to activate GJ after You Hou and continue a combo. You will have to already be in GJ to follow up after a You Hou. Half the things you asked about have already been discussed.

Yun trying to reset in GJ isn’t exactly a great move because for one he can’t pressure like he did in 3S and his Reset options aren’t as strong as they were in 3S due to different engine. Granted it will do a bit more damage, but most characters can reversal you out of any pressure Yun can even possibly do. I’d suggest leaving the Reset option for an ender. Yun isn’t Yang who has more pressure and mixup potential out of his super.


^ I agree with all Blooddrunk said. Most of this has been confirmed elsewhere and reset’s during Genei Jin aren’t exactly his best/most safe option like yang.


Pointless and misleading thread.


this is how much damage YUN does in genei jin when it resets around the 5th hit, you can see it’s around 60% life.


first match


^ I saw a dropped combo, but no reset. :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t watch past the first match.


That’s weird because I clearly saw a reset in the damage scaling. It wasn’t an intentional one but it does show that resets have potential.


double post


“BEST/MOST SAFE” is so ungodly ambiguous, first off after a reset in gj you can position yourself (idk how but it most likely can be done) outside of THEIR grab range but inside your command grab range. so now the situation is they cant grab you, if they stand to walk towards\back do fast>gj combo, if they stand there or block low you command grab, and if they reversal with something like srk you block>punish. so i’m not saying its like…safe or anything but uhhh how much safer can ya get in a fighting game?

and im curious where is this “elsewhere”?

and just lookit the pros and cons anyway.

pros. get it right and you get an extra like 50-60 % dmg!!!
watch me @ 1:30

cons. get it wrong and lost like 10-15% extra dmg and if you fail miserably you got smacked and lost some hp to.

i might be exaggerating but uhh…thats a scrub doing a reset by accident…lookit that dmg.

hmmm sounds like good math to me, now i will point out that this shit isn’t in a thread called advanced yun play for nothing. NO scrubs gunna pull this off well but for those want it bad enough, its there for the taking.

if someone like adds 1 half decent idea to this thread and helps me make these first few trolls and haters feel stupid. ill have done my duty.

“so i’m not saying its like… safe or anything but uhhh how much safer can ya get in a fighting game?” just to clarify there are safe moves which will not be punished on reversal, there are no safe moves which cannot be punished. a will get hit by a jumpin, or even the right grounded normal. safe is a kinda illusion you love to see top players squash.


^ if you are in a high end tournament match you don’t want to risk your for sure damage on a 50/50. Pro’s WILL take any for sure damage they can get because you might not get the chance again.

I’m not saying your idea’s are bad so don’t go crying. I understand what your saying and the idea of a Genei Jin reset, however if you want to go doing resets go to Yang.


really its a 50\50 when you have gj activated and your not in throw range but they are? … really?

im thinking its more like 70\30 for a **good **(like not great) yun and once again, do you want to add 15% dmg or 60%? i mean i understand what your sayin, and this idea will probably get dozens of scrubs slain. at the same time if you cant manage a gj combo when your at point blank…

need options for once their grounded?

command throw>combo xx cmd throw >combo

neutral jump hk\hp>cmd throw>combo>combo

if they dash back mp\hp shoulder, range iming specific

if they neutral jump use the launcher mk

if they jump back use shoulder if within range and lunge punch if not, in that order. lunge punches are more susceptible to being hit by AA w\o trade. if the shoulder trades you can still combo with another shoulder or lunge punch. thats probably gunna be fairly situational.

if they think jumping behind you is a good idea for some reason you can do the up kicks

now most of those ideas depend on how close you are to your opponent when you land, some of them will only work if your really close others allow you some distance. i would suggest learning different resets that drop you off at slightly dif ranges to better utilize mind games once your both on the ground. im thinking you dont even need an actual reset hit, maybe you can do 5-6 hits in gj and end with a sweep??? untechable knockdown for reset? or even let them tech out of a regular normal 5 hits in something like hk>f+mk>f+mk>f+mk>jab lunge punch, then drop them. either way if they tech or not they gota deal with you in their face and still activated.

ya know it would be really perfect if someone found a reset that allowed for a divekick crossup even midscreen, which still leaves you in command throw range and preferably outside their throw range.


Honestly I highly doubt it and especially from 3S experience. No one is going to attempt to try and throw Yun when he is in GJ, in 3s they will most likely block/parry if you went tried to mix up or jump if they sniff out a command grab . In this case for SSFIV they will are going to these 4 options if Yun were to go for reset, they will either block your strings/mixup, Reversal you, Jump or Backdash if they sniff out a command throw. Either way its a huge risk to go a reset in SSFIV than it was in 3S, at least in 3S you could do a reset in the air and be able to start a new GJ combo before they hit the ground with a lunge punch.


i dont have so much trouble with command throws in 3s…


makes ya wonder who else it could work on.