Step-kick juggle mix-up in corner


I wanted to know if the following mix-up has been detailed on these forums or the web already. I’m going to explain it below but if it is already known i apologise for wasting time. Just wanted to share this since I was excited when i did this by accident.

This seems a bit character specific depending on how fat the opponent is. I got it to work nicely on Ryu.

When in the corner launch Ryu (or other average size characters i guess) with c.HP, then when they are just lowering to around the height of Abel’s head do a** f.MK canceled into a dash** (do not hold ‘down’ after the dash). Time the step kick to be early enough and Abel will wind up standing behind the opponent just before they land.

Interestingly if you do the same thing but hold ‘down’ to make Abel duck after the dash, he will swivel 180 degrees while crouching (as if he has switched sides so he is behind the opponent) but just before the opponent lands he will swivel again and be on the same side he started.

I think this is great since its an alternate way into a ‘left-or-right’ corner reset without commonplace rolling.

If you do this on larger characters, (I tested this on an opposing Abel dummy) you will always end up on the same side you started on. However, since the opponent is bigger you can afford to do the cancelled into dash earlier. This will give you time to do a normal forward dash after the first step kick dash, which will leave you behind the opponent. Due to Abel’s fast dash the opponent may have a hard time reacting to the second dash in order to block correctly.

So did I find a new reset, or has this been kicking about for ages already?

This is fucking… FANTASTIC news for me…

No… i didn’t know you could do this…


Great find! thanks for sharing!!! :tup:

Yay, im glad I helped someone. Thanks for the reply

You can more easily control the side switch by simply doing the step kick either early (same side) or late (leads to cross under) on most characters, but it was unusual to see crouching have an effect on whether you cross up or not.

I tested against all the characters and found that crouching after the dash affected the side you end up on with:
Evil Ryu

The timing is harder with the others

Abel always slips under Bison, Zangeif and Vega so you could use different attacks instead of the step kick for the air reset and then dash to make them think you will cross up.

Its not new but might be quite unknown to the masses ive used it at times for that random reset. You have to be very careful that you dont cross under and input the attack you want to do whilst still facing the corner, it can get you in a bad situation if you do!

But good shit for writing it up i imagine there is a few people who have not seen this yet.

yeah its not “new” per se, but props for testing the stuff against multiple chars (if not all)

doing resets with abel always carry the risk of getting reversald/thrown/hit by 3f normals etc though so gotta pick the right moment to do this

It’s new, bro. Fuck the haters.


Well only carries the risk of a reversal with invun as this ends up meaty even using a slow ass cr hp after the reset.

This is true… but how many DPs have no invincibility? Damn near all of them do…

I’m not saying dont do it or anything. Just be aware that there’s a reason you dont see Top Japanese Abel players doing resets all day (they still do them, but kind of rare, or when they just know their opponent is too scared to do reversal etc)

Sorry if I came out as saying “this is crap, dont use it”, because thats not really it.

Its better if anyone else with time, test this in more detail… maybe we can get more detailed stuff from this setup. Who knows. Its always good when players find stuff in training mode, no matter if its super new, obscure new etc.

Well yeah but my point was its safe from throw/3f normals i could not blanket put “reversals” as not all of them do have invun albeit most do.

This does work on every char in the game i tested it a while back you have to hit super early with the step kick as described but hold forwards after the dash and you will walk a pixel under if the dash did not quite make it.

Good stuff - it’s not new, but good to see some people hadn’t seen it. I think the first player to find this mix up was BustaBust back in the Vanilla days - IIRC, if you’re just outside of the corner, you get some freaky cross under stuff as well. Also works on Honda mid screen

Ouch. That’s unfortunate for him.

Yeah i’m not surprised at all this is already out there. When i first did this I just felt the school boy buzz ’ OMG I gotta tell the world about this!! ’ At least more people will be aware this stuff is possible

One of my fav mid screen things involving step kick cross unders is AA cr hp, dash, fwd mk dash to cross up its pretty brutal.

hmmm I like this I may main abel

I’ve been doing this shit since Vanilla. Use it against charge characters so they lose charge.

You guys are JUST coming up with this shit? HA!


You’re JUST responding to this? HA!