Step over, Leno; Maddox is coming to late night

I dont really like spike tv, but maddox is the man.

get hype.

Meh. do people really still think Maddox is funny or even on point?

despite his lack of updates i still find him an endearing individual.

in his prime he was the internetz.

Spike is going to ruin his reputation.

I do agree he’s fallen off of his funny horse though.

Wow, I remember this dude. He’s Goatse levels of internet old.

Still, lots of props for parlaying internet rants into a legitimate career.

I only watched spike for UFC. That was it. This news is still not enough to make me waste my money getting cable again.

This is almost as bad as Dane Cook getting his own talk show. Who needs comedy when we can just make LOUD NOISES and everyone laughs.


I would’ve been like" awesome" in like…2001.

Is there any reaosn to watch Spike aside from Star Trek?

I used to watch TUF and Deadliest Warrior. As silly as Deadliest Warrior was, it was still entertaining imo. Like Slamball.

Spike’s video game awards show SHOULD be fun for me, but I can’t stand that shit.

Maddox used to be funny, I’ll give his show a shot.



ouch no love for maddox.

well considering conan is mia right now, and i hate leno this might be a better option.

maddox is still the man in my book.

Sounds like The Man Show vol. 2

hey the man show… wait i hated that shit.

UFC and 1000 Ways To Die.

Well to answer you question, yes lots of people still think Leno is funny. I didn’t even know Maddox still wrote it’s been so fucking long. I bet most people don’t even remember him or know who he was to begin with.

wow theyre really making a blind assumption as to whether this guy has any charisma or screen presence based on his site which essentially was just him being a professional troll.

Green with envyyyyy

Bunch of haters. Maddox AND Dick Masterson? Yeah, count me right the fuck in.

Angelina Jolie’s son is gonna have his own show?

Sometimes Spike TV is enjoyable.

Other times, Spike TV makes men out to be so brain dead idiotic it makes me ashamed of my gender (ALL MEN LIKE SPORTS, GUNS, AND HOT WOMEN HOOORAAAAAAAH).

I suspect this talk show will be less the former and more the latter.

EDIT - Wait, Maddox? Best Page in the Universe Maddox? Not sure why that didn’t click in till now. Hmm… maybe this won’t be so bad…

Dr. B’s interests aren’t so simply defined.