Step-Sequencer Street Fighter Arcade Stick


New to Shoryuken. Thought I’d introduce myself with a project I’ve recently just posted the documentation for.

Super Sequence Fighter is a unique arcade stick that asks players to program their commands in advance. Using the same mechanics as the step-sequencer for electronic music composition, knobs and sliders control the rate that the sequence is stepped through and the number of steps to activate before resetting.


Hope you enjoy!


The decimation of online warriors. Harbinger of salty digital tears.

MC Plink dropping the beat downs.

How is the sequence broken down? Programmable by fps? Seems awesome for training mode. Tournament fiasco material though.


It’s not very sophisticated or precise. Just an experiment in controller design. Makes it a whole different game though so if competitive play occurred it’d certainly have to be exclusively with this kind of controller.


Beautiful little machines you have there. Good job!


This is an amazing project


Really cool, reminds me of what the DJTT community does aesthetics wise.



An interesting project. I’d honestly like to know how an average combo would sound on a sequencer. :smiley:

That turntable is seeeeeeeexyyy…


I have

I have the DJTT 3D MidiFighter, it’s incredible, I want to try to incorporate arcade buttons into absolutely every aspect of my life lol


When I read the thread title I sort of expected some sort of DDR pad mod.

This is fine too I guess…