Step up your 3s game with interviews featuring top players

So in order to give back to the community and try to level up some players, I thought it would be good to interview top 3s players to see what their mindset is and talk high level 3s with them.

I just put out the first episode of what ended up being the new Denjin Video Podcast. The first guest is none other than one of America’s finest and 5 time SBO qualifier, Pyrolee! We talk for about an hour and a half about his passion for the game, Yun strategy, tournament mindset, etc.

Download it here.

If you learned something, please consider donating a couple bucks to our SBO plane ticket fund which you can find on the site.

Denjin Video Podcast 3s-only Episode List:
[]Pyrolee (YU)
]5 Star (KE)
[*]Amir (CH)

[]Ed Ma (KE)
]Emphy (UR)
[]Justin Wong (CH)
]Ken I (MA)
[*]Kai (CH), Harmonaz (AK), Ryan Hart (KE) & Zak (OR)

Street Fighter Podcast (3s and SF4)
[]kofiend (YA)
]Shogo from Denjin Arcade
[]Victoly (DU)
]Combofiend (OR/AB)
[]Fubarduck (CH/AK)
]ReNiC (AL)
[]Justin Wong
]Ed Ma & Ken I
[]Alex Valle
]Bobino (RU)
[]dogface & omni
]shoo & Sanchez
[]5 Star
]John Rog Van Damme and MYK
[*]Mike Ross

Other confirmed player interviews coming soon:

[]Fatbear (NE/YU)
]Leviathan & Dagger G (YU/RE)
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I like this. This will be much more productive than the rehashed strategy threads and other useless topics that make up this forum lately. Might as well get the information from the people that regularly play the game at a high level instead of just the people who like to talk about high level play on the internet. There’s only so much of 3rd Strike that you can describe by reading stats and frame data any ways. A lot of the mindset behind the game is beyond what people can see by simply watching or reading a FAQ. Especially when momentum can shift at any moment and what happens at point A doesn’t always = point B or C.

This is VERY informational for EVERY player. Its nice to hear from the top dogs on how they play the game.

So according to the interview… the question now is…
“IS any usa team gonna knock out Pyro’s team @ west SBO qual?”

That’s EXACTLY why we’re trying to do this! A lot of top players don’t post on SRK so it seems to me that it is hard to learn 3s without a top player to provide some insight into the things they are thinking about when playing.

this is better then all the garbage here, strategy treads and stupid frame data shit…

Frame data can be useful, don’t be a complete moron.

Amazing podcast. Thanks for all of your hard work guys.

frame data is bullshet, when you play you will see how good something works and againts what and when and etc, reading all those fockin numbers is all bullshet, experience is evrything…

whos gonna remember all this crap anyway? but you will remmeber once you have experienced it then it will stay there for ever… people should start playing and learn from mistakes and stop reading crap.

I never read one faq or strategy guide for cvs2 or 3s and I learn something evrytime just by playing and I remember it.

You’re stupid. Frame data can be useful.

Gootecks is a great host. Seriously, very informative stuff.

Frame data is good to understand for specific situations but…it’s not necessarily required to study the frame data of every move just to be a super competitive player. Frame data often shifts depending on from what distance the attack hits the opponent or other miscellaneous things. It’s just there to help you further understand what you can and can not do in the game.

So yeah…let’s end that little argument up there and talk about something more productive.

pyrolee sounds so cute.


awesome to hear this shit, ty gootecks. i’d donate if i had paypal. and money.

omg i want to talk bottom tier 3s so bad now

I contributed $100. Looking forward to more podcasts! Good luck to team Wong Goo Fiend and the other qualifying team in japan!

tag teeeeaaaaam hulkamania!

Gootecks, if you wanted to add some simple, rolling screens advertising SRK, the SBO fund, Denjin Video etc/whatever to that podcast you can post it on my 3rd Strike youtube channel? It may drum up some more support and I think the viewers would find it interesting as well.

Let me know and I’ll sort you out with access :tup:

gootecks you should discuss urien with emphy as sort of a panel thing between the two of you lol

Ahahahaa Vinny is famous now.

Edit: Oh shit, me too!

I would love this!

Cheers for gootecks etc for setting up these podcasts, i think they were a genius idea.