Stephen Colbert vs Rain

Lol I swear Stephen is awesome
I loved this man since “Strangers With Candy”

This all started last year when Rain beat Colbert in the Time 100 most influential online poll and then Colbert poked fun at Rain’s “escaping the sun” video
and then a few weeks ago Rain responded telling Colbert "Don’t quit your day job"
so Colbert challenged Rain to a dance off and…well this is the result


I love Rain and I love Colbert
and this had me rolling last night

Re-up of youtube link since its gone.

Another mirror, to be safe. :smiley:

I like how he shot the magazine after shredding it, for good measure.

I find it funny that some of the people in kotaku thought it was serious


I’m a gook and I hate Be/Rain, honestly he doesn’t even sing that well.