Stephen Wiltshire: The Human Camera

Ever start watching or researching a subject, and get so intrigued with it, you lose track of time? Yeah… happened to me this morning.

Autistic Savants. This is just truly incredible. I saw one guy that could also read a book with his left eye on the left page, and his right eye on the right page, and have the book read within a matter of minutes.

This was one of the first ones I stumbled across. Just watch. Truly amazing.


doesn’t that kind of spoil the point of reading a book? (well if its a fiction book anyways). the whole plotline would be jumbled. sure you could say that he’d be able to decrypt it, but its still like your getting spoilers every minute because your reading ahead in the plotline sooner than your supposed to.

it would be like: i went to the store. i came home. i browsed the selection of video games. i opened up the package. i picked out sf4. i put the game into my 360. i stepped up to the cashier and paid. i selected ryu. i exited the store. i whooped some sagat ass.

imagine reading jokes where you hear the punchline before the joke finishes? madness i tells ya.

one would imagine his brain auto sorts the information. There was a stellar discovery channel special on savants entitled Brainman that i suggest you check out. covers Kim Peek amongst and it’s focused on a gentleman who’s basically a human scientific calculator lol.

which is fine for non-fiction, but for fiction books (like i said earlier) your constantly getting plot spoilers every few seconds which ruins the book imo.

I’ll watch this when I get home. From the first few minutes, I’m already interested lol.

you are assuming their brains work the same way ours do…