Stepping up from the scrubby Akuma



These days you can almost assume that if someone’s first pick is Akuma, he is a scrub.

Personally, I’m not too frustrated about scrubby Akumas, but i’ve seen some people who are. I bet we’ve all seen people in our local arcades using air fireballs nonstop and then crouch forward kick etc. thru out the whole match.

Most people do not realize that that is scrub material, so I’m here to point that out. Here are some stuff that real Akuma players use, no backjump air fireballing, no random flying tatsumaki, no air fireball > trips.

Disclaimer : I’m not trying to sound like a know-all, just trying to help newer players get better

1 : most important lesson : Don’t choose Akuma ALL the time. He is ok but against advanced players you stand little chance because:

-air fireballs can be parried and punished ez
-akuma has next to nothing for his stunbar
-his life guage is really, really short

Good alternatives for starters are Ken, Ibuki, Chun, or if you have naturally fast fingers Yun.

2 : air fireballs are not always safe : There are lots of other ways to keep distance, or be aggressive. Air fireballs should be used only in these circumstances :

-when you don’t want to trade hits, fireball the antiair
-late in a jump
-parried fireball > demonflip throw

Instead of fireballing your way in, try air-parrying as that is much more effective.

3 : Akuma can be really aggressive… here’s a couple strings of attacks that I use :

-mk (if hits) > lk tastumaki > mk (reset) > lk demonflip > divekick semi-late > close mk > far mk > crouching mk (if hits do lk tastumaki, and do string again or if not > fireball to gain safe distance > dash in throw or mk tastumaki etc.

  • close fierce (blocked) > demonflip and late late dive so it doesn’t do anything > crouching lk x 3 (if connected use SA, if not > dash in throw

  • crouching lk x 2 (blocked or not) > UOH > crouching mk > lk tastumaki etc.

As you can see, Akuma has a lot of options in different situations. If close mk is blocked, a quick far mk will gain you some distance. If they try to parry your demonflip divekick you can do it really late so it doesn’t come out and then use a low attack.

4 : Akuma has a lot of tricks up his sleeves :

  • lots of ways to land a Shungokusatsu, learn from videos. One of my favorite is to divekick in front of him so he tries to parry, but the kick doesn’t hit him. Press lp, lp, towards, lk on the way down and fierce when you land. Point-blank SGS is not escapable
  • jumping roundhouse (aerial hit) > land and SA1 will connect
  • lk tastumaki > jab reset can go into the kongou kokuretsu zan (down, down, down + PP)
  • teleport yourself out of corner traps
  • against the wall, two SA1s can connect. Use when opponent is really low on hp. SA1 > shoryuken xx SA1 will also work when you’re really close.

5: Learn to parry and confirm hits before executing the next move. That goes for every character. Also remember to mix-up highs, lows, and overheads.

There is really a lot more to Akuma, but that’s for ourselves to explore so we could develope our own unique playing style. Hope that was helpful to some degree! Peace