Stepping up my game. 3s/IV/CVS2


After a very long hiatus I’ve returned to the forums more determined to step my game up than ever. After getting floored epically by combofiend at barfights (beat a pro match), something in me woke up and now i’m determined to take this seriously. i can get to AI sometimes… but i want to start (or join) a scene of local players in the north long beach/lakewood area. Where does SRK think i should start? I’ve been told about piglove, but I’m having trouble contacting him. =(


pm sent


Hey Im always here, u can hit me up also :tup:


I live in the 562 area. Let’s get some casuals going!


well wtf are we all waiting for… Place and Date NAO!!


well im having a small get together of about 5 other people tomarrow night to play IV and 3s. if we ever do it at my house we have to keep it uber small as i still live with the parents, so i think it would be better at piglove’s or something. next week im only working 2 days so my schedule is open for casuals somewhere.