Stereotypes In Video Games

Hey all…I have an 4 page essay due in a week about stereotypes in video games. While I have a general idea of how to start this, I still would like a little assistance.

If anybody can come up with some great ideas and examples of stereotypes in video games, feel free to post em.

no I dont intend to plagarize or anything, but I would like to have a good amount of potential info before I start this beast.

Blacks and Latinos are always top tier. Im sick and tired of it.

the average “marine” type white guy seen in most american games.

hooker with a heart of gold

Russians are drunks w/ mustaches

Thai kickboxers are 7 feet tall. Never understood that one.

The entire street fighter cast.

Some of them are kind of creatively bizarre though. Dhalsim’s quote from SF2 about using his yoga to destroy people comes to mind.

You can write an essay talking about the difference between stereotype and archetype, and the difference between stereotype and caricature. The dichotomy is reflected in the way certain characters have evolved over the course of SF history. For example, Ryu, besides being representative of the franchise, has evolved into an archetypal hero.

You can use Rufus as an example of stereotype as caricature, and finish the essay with Dudley as an example of how a surprising use of stereotype on a character with a different ethnicity gives the character depth and charisma. Add some history of the franchise and how the special moves of the characters add to archetype or caricature categorization and you have at least four pages double spaced.

Female ninja rambo killing machines wearing a string bikini and pumps.

Why is everyone doing this guys homework for him?

Since having a good idea for an essay doesn’t translate to being able to write a good essay, I thought it’d be sorta harmless to help him brainstorm.

Effeminate dude with white/silver hair is - surprisingly - usually a badass.

I hope this never changes.

the most hilarious stereo type is that every main hero is a caucasian guy, it’s quite sick how 99% of games have a caucasian main guy

same with movies, how can you spend millions of pounds on jennifer aniston acting in every romance script in hollywood.

the variety in entertainment is hilarious and shows how stupid humans with money and western advantages really are

All those movies make an assload of money, so who is really stupid?

super badass chick who weighs 100 lbs and has the figure of a super model

Horny male protagonists willing to go through hell for what MAYBE will end with a bootie call.

Why are you taking shots at Mario?

Has he not provided you with years of entertainment?

Let a fat plumber live, man. :lol:

Bald space marines in power armor.

It goes deeper than that, I mean I suppose it’s an allegory for man’s eternal struggle to motorboat them titties.

Women. They’re usually ridiculous in videogames, almost to the point of making me embarrassed to say that I play games. The way they’re always perfect looking with bodies that are impossible just to make nerds get boners and sell more copies.

Also, all people who play videogames are fat, disgusting basement-dwellers who need them to escape to a magical fantasy land.