Stereotypes In Video Games

In Japan you cannot go on an adventure to save the world unless you are a sexually ambiguous emo.

  • Pretty women always go after the scary looking guy because he has an impossible dream to crush the protagonist.

  • If you work really hard and practice everyday, you can go two ways:

– you could win a tournament and be dubbed the strongest(Capcom)
– you could come in last and let some punk beat you because he has a life and a minimum wage job to boot(SNK’s KoF, FF, AoF)

If there is a big and empty room/area or a long and empty hallway, 9 times out of 10, something is going to happen.

JRPG: Characters have multicolored hair and said hair stays in place and perfect regardless of what happens, swimming, battles, etc.

RPG: If game begins with hero in their hometown, chances are high that said town will get attacked and destroyed by something, however the hero will survive.

If character is wearing a Gi, chances are high that said character can shoot a fireball, or other energy substance, from their hand(s).

I think writing is one of those things that is just like getting better at street fighter. You can spend a lot of time bouncing around ideas and thinking up strategies, but it really requires you to sit down and work at it in order to produce something. From where I stand, it looks to me like you may be having the same problem as people who end up wasting a lot of time on srk when they could be hitting up training mode. (I suffer from this problem too.)

As for how to get started, I think the first step is to have the discipline to tell yourself that you aren’t going to get up from your chair. Next, you are not going to change tabs on your computer to anything else for a fixed amount of time. If you have trouble focusing, just sit for 15-30 minutes in front of your computer doing nothing (without fidgeting) and concentrating on how you are going to start writing your essay. After that, spend a fixed amount of time that you have decided on beforehand (like an hour, or two hours) just writing. Brainstorming as an independent activity is highly overrated since the writing process itself acts as a kind of brainstorming activity.

As for how to really begin so you can get something you can start editing, my suggestion is to just start with a really cliched structure for the introductory paragraph, and use that as momentum to start writing your body. For example, one trick I like is to start the essay with a question, elucidate my thesis, and then start writing up my body paragraphs before I go back to rewrite my introductory paragraph after I’ve finished the rest of my essay. The most important thing is to just start writing. You always have time later to insert different ideas and different arguments later into your essay. The great essays are the ones where all the extraneous fat has been cut out anyway, so don’t be too hung up on getting “the perfect essay” down on the first pass through. Just start writing.


Pretty much every character in every game Japan has ever made is a stereotype. My favorite is the geriatric over-the-hill fogey who’s thinking about retirement. I mean, he just turned thirty. He’s not gonna live forever.

stupid question of the day. Can you write an essay without sources? Cuz i am on the third page so far, and everything I have discussed is pretty much personal knowledge. Hell, I have a page and a half about Mass Effect and WoW…haven’t even busted out the racial stereotypes of GTA, or the portrayal of women in video games (or my little Metriod ending discussion)

Would I have to cite the video games and/or developers in a bibliography or in line or some shit?

also, if anybody can find me ratios of male vs female gamers for the 80’s and 90’s, that would be helpful. I could only find current percentages.

You could just invent sources, got me through a lot of uni essays.


Yoshitiro Umenako put forth the theory that any sonic games without a kickass midi-based soundtrack will suck balls.

Then who are you talking about? I don’t see what is inherently stupid about watching movies with trite characters in them.

i am just wondering if I have to locate a source (wiki fucking pedia) and cite it, for casual shit like mentioning that the hero of Metroid was a female, and one of the first female hero’s at that…

i am just wondering if I have to locate a source (wiki fucking pedia) and cite it, for casual shit like mentioning that the hero of Metroid was a female, and one of the first female hero’s at that…

If anything, I got penalized for mentioning wikipedia at all, all of my lecturers (bar my games design one) hated it. I’d check some Nintendo Power archives if you can find them, that’s the only place I’d see actually promoting the fact Samus had ovaries.

Oh and check out, not been on there in a few years but they always seemed to attract decent articles about most facets of gaming culture.

I hate when teachers tell me not to reference wikipedia. 20 years ago I was told to never use a calculator because that was considered cheating…

I ain’t really worried about sources for proving samus was female, there are infinite websites I can reference, plus I have every Nintendo Power for the first 12 or so years they printed lol. Like i said, dunno how to really show it to u guys (i doubt posting 4+ pages of shit in a thread would be a good idea, dunno how to host it or whatever), but its hard to discuss my knowledge of games i’ve played (i discuss stereotypes in Mass Effect, Metroid, GTA, WoW, and casual references to a few other games, because I have PLAYED them all).

i mean, does Stephen Hawking cite himself when he talks about black holes? i hope thats a good analogy lol

I’ve been thinking of that myself, back then and still now, it just seems taboo to use yourself as a source even if you’ve experienced it firsthand. Guess people just see it as lazy and biased, whether it is or not, but fuck it, go ahead and do it. Just try not to use ‘I think’ so much, that seems to irk a lot of academics into marking down your paper for no good reason, use some generalisations if need be, ‘the average player’ etc.

Oh and props on the NinPow collection.

So an information source that can be changed by virtually anyone (therefore rendering it as useless as a hobo’s opinion) and a tool that is virtually 100% guaranteed to give you the correct answer both hold the same weight in your eyes?

Well, in my opinion if I have seen a movie, or played a game, personally, i shouldn’t need to hunt down specific details about characters from random other sites. Wiki is just as good.

And while things can be changed, its moderated enough that its likely you wont be screwed by info u find. I mean, its the most popular site for that shit for a reason. Besides any place on the net could like have false info. Trying to find numbers for male vs female gamers came up with like 9000 different results

This is mostly because the internet is not the most reliable source of information on anything when writing academic material. When you’re stating your case you need solid foundations on which to rest your argument. Sources with uncredited authors or ones that can be changed by anyone with a keyboard and hands is not reliable in the least. Good sources come from people with credentials and experts in whatever field you’re writing about. I’m not saying that these don’t exist on the internets, its just that they’re few and far between and mix in with a whole heap of absolute garbage (especially on the topic of movies/videogames).

Right here.

The only way they could’ve made him more stereotypical was the give him the casino stage instead of Balrog.