Steve Fox Video thread. You wanna try me, guv?



Looking forward to using Steve. Here are the first round of videos…

Steves Trials by VesperArcade


Character walkthrough by Crackfiend for Gamesradar**.**



This isn’t my video but I found this today.Pretty coolio stuff here.Can’t wait to pick up Steve . [media=youtube]nJO70fTbN-g[/media]


Another with some team synergy here.Credits to eiyujpn for uploading these vids . [media=youtube]MHBdHN_3LLE[/media]


For the sake of the thread, I run through some combo possibilities with the videos I posted.


Just random shit from today.
Sorry for the bad quality.





More combo goodness! I included annotations about various things.


Here’s my combo video with Day 2 combos. Let me know what you think! :smiley:


Finally broke 700 damage. It’s 701 damage now =D


This is not really that much of a combo video, but I made it to show just how awesome Steve Fox’s Ducking to Gatling Gun is in regards to tagging someone in.


Should try it out and see what you can come up with with your team.



Yo, who figured this shit out


I didn’t catch any of the Steve Fox’s on WNF but I figured it out on pure accident and was like “OOHHH” and tried out various characters to see what I could come up with. I have’t tried out the rest of the cast, but I think Steve has arguably one of the longest moves you can tag cancel out of.


lol gatling gun into dudley rose taunt. MAKE IT HAPPEN CAPCOM



Am I the first to know about cl.hp xx feint xx cr.hp?
Not enough creative people


I did it in Nor Cal while I was doing the shit on Cross Assault lol


Woo! Playing steve against other people, I still have a hard time getting in and against people that mash lows all day. Any suggestions?




Might have done you good to look through the section a little more before saying there’s “not enough creative people”.


There are some creativity going on. zangeif, I’ve looked though a lot of vids and this forum and I seem to be the first to mention cl.hp xx flick cancel xx cr.hp. I’m not trying to bash people, just opening up new ideas for combos.


You still made a blind pointless comment.