Steve Nash Vitamin Water Avatar Request


Alright, in case you guys’ haven’t seen, two-time NBA MVP and Phoenix Suns PG Steve Nash has done another hilarious Vitamin Water commercial:


My request is for a premium sized avatar of one of the close-ups of Nash’s face including the headset. First person to adequately do this will receive a month of premium courtesy of me.


That was funnier than i expected! Even 50’s part was funny.

Here’s what I came up with, I like animated AVs…
Nash AV #1

Nash AV #2

Nash AV #3
I know you didn’t say you wanted an animated av, sorry if this isn’t what was wanted. :china:


I’m still new at this stuff, so I can’t supply an avatar. But I want to thank you for introducing me to that ad as it’s probably the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.


Those are great dude! I will be taking all of them and I’ll just rotate through them.

Will + rep when I’m able to again.


Someone should avatar-ize the part where it’s raining money and Vitamin Water. Not for me, just saying.


That video was greatness…and the av’s are funny too.



I agree, would anyone be willing to make me an av that starts at him saying…

Step 4? and then it rains…

non-prem, if so, please let me know.

thanks much!


Yo! I would like to get an av too if possible. It would be the part where the mini-nash busts through the background on the bike wearing the bling-bling chain.

Animated if possible :slight_smile:


You are awesome. Love it.

Enjoy your month of premium :wgrin:


@ Buckley - I am proud to be a part of the Steve Nash Vitamin Water Avatar Revolution. Glad ya like m.

@ FallingEdge - Heaps of appreciation to you! You are most welcome.

Thanks for any and all comments/thoughts shared.




Nash AV

:u: I guess I’m not up with this new Internet Meme…

Here’s an AV for you PBalla.

Someone else had requested a very similar av so I tried to make it look somewhat different. The lossy-ness could not be avoided though, Nash’s dance moves are too top tier to be contained perfectly within 19.5kb. :china: Thoughts and impressions are welcomed.


i would love a dancing one from 1:12 to 1:15




:u: ywywywwy. :china:

@ Fatal…Here’s my artistic representation:


I would like the one from 0:36-0:38


Like this?


I asked FATAL and he gave me the greenlight to use this.


AWESOME! Nash + Vitamin Water = $$$ Have at it Hatred Edge.