SteveTren's Custom Sticks, All Sticks Sold/ Slots Filled for Pre-Order


Beautiful work there.

I would send you a PM, but you already said you have a million of them. Haha.

If any more come available, let me know by posting here, or PMing. I Have cash in hand ready for a money order, or however else you would want.

Good luck with the building


Bump for new stick added.


pm sent, thanks


hey did you recieve my pm?


Nice work. I would buy it but seems someone else have already pm’d you for it


Thanks bro! I think I will give it a try sooner or later. Sick, Sick job on that ebony.


Ebony stick is pending sale…


How did you create that hole for the usb cord? Most of the ones I see are cut next the the edge of the wood, so its easy to make it small and not have to consider either end of the usb cable.


great job steven keep it up cant wait when u build me one of ur custom:tup::encore: sticks


I had to buy USB connectors and housings and rewire it after I cut off the end to fit through the hole. No one else has done this because its a pain in the ass. :rofl: I like the clean look of the gold bushings.



looks like the effort paid off, very nice work


Payment finally sent.


Bump for new stick listed!


And its sold… New one coming in a week or two.


Dam that was fast


looks beautiful bro


very nice


Stick ready to ship to its new owner. Gold bushing USB hole added. Yes leather bag and one free button (to hold plexi) included.


anymore leather bags? :wink:


Damn, that’s a really good price too. Nice work.