STFU AND PLAY a Monthly Alternating Tourney Feat. MvC3 and SSFIV (Coming soon)


O Asian 800 5th Ave # 1, Seattle, WA 98104-3176
Downtown Seattle


Last Saturday Of Every Month from 6p-1130p (so it’ll give time to request for daysoff)
Then we’ll do every 2nd Saturday and last Saturday If I get good turn outs
Alternating between MvC3 and SSFIV (for now)

Entry Fee:

$10 Singles
$10 Per Player on Teams 3v3
$10 Winner Takes All Singles
$10 Winner Takes All Teams

$10 will be our minimum until people want a High Stakes Tourney


1st 70%
2nd 20%
3rd 10%

For singles and Teams


Double Elimination
Stage Selection: Random unless agreed upon by both players
Match: Best 2 out of 3 games except team tournament
No turbo button or macros allowed during tournament play
Any button mapping allowed by the game (ex: PPP) are allowed.
Double KO’s in singles will be decided by both characters hitting rematch after the end screen fail to do so will result in a DQ
Double KO’s in Team will be decided by one person from each team to play for the final set.


Marvel vs Capcom 3

Game: 2 out of 3 matches
Time: 99 seconds
Winners/Losers/Grand Finals: Best 3/5 games
Loser may switch characters
Winners Have to stay with same team same assists
Duplicate characters are not allowed (I.e phoenix phoenix phoenix)
Pause = Forfeit that match
No banned characters:wgrin:

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Teams

Game: 2 out of 3 matches
Pokemon Style: (winner stays on)
Time: 99 Second rounds
Winners/Losers/Grand Finals: Best 3/5
Loser may switch characters
Winners Have to stay with same team same assists
Duplicate characters are not allowed (I.e phoenix phoenix phoenix)
Pause = Forfeit that match
No banned characters:wgrin:

Super Street Fighter 4 Singles

Game: 2 out of 3 rounds 2 out of 3 matches
Time: 99 Second rounds
Winners/Losers/Grand Finals: Best 3/5 games
Loser may switch character
Ultras may be changed anytime between games
No characters are banned
Pause = Forfeit round
No macro/turbo buttons allowed during play

Super Street Fighter 4 Teams (3v3)

Follows Singles tournament rules sans the following:
Pokemon style (winner stays on)
Same character teams allowed
Single game per team member
Characters will be locked so choose wisely
Pause = Forfeit round
Single set per match until losers Grand and winners Grand 3/5

Set ups

I will need volunteers for set up at the moment I’m looking for atleast 4-5 setups
those who can help will get free food on me if not i’ll probably save up $$$ and get me some evo monitors and donate it to this venue on the long run

Parking Situation

O’ Asian is proudly to provide free parking for us after @6pm Parking ticket must be validated to receive the complementary parking. Please have the parking ticket validated by O’Asian Staff before leaving the restaurant.

And if the parking garage is full free parking in Downtown Seattle after 6!

Food Situation

Domestic Bottles $3
Draft Beers $4
Well Drinks $4
House Red & White Wines $5
Cocktail of the Day $5

$4 except where indicated

Wasabi-Infused Prawns $5
Bacon-Wrapped Scallops
Smoked White Fish
Sesame Beef
Garlic-Fried Chicken Wings
Honey Garlic Spare Riblets
Lettuce Wraps
Salt & Pepper Calamari
Crispy Tofu
String Beans
Chinese Broccoli
Wagyu Cube (Kobe beef) $7
Lamb Chop $6
House Smoked Duck $7

$4 except where indicated

Blueberri BBQ Pork Bun (2) $2
Spinach Shrimp Balls (4)
Shiu-Mai (4)
Potstickers (6)
Chicken Eggrolls (4)
Sticky Rice Wrapped (2)

Yes they have Stella on Tap for you Stella people

Working on a deal where we can a flat price for you call it drinks :lovin:

So how does feel for everyone? just trying to get a feedback on how many people are willing to come through.

Please Feel Free to ask me questions.

I should have the venue Finalized by the end of the month if so…

our first tourney will be feb 26!

what game?


Update: Possible Trial Tourney at the end of the month or beginning of feb.

i guess im gonna have to go into work late every last saturday of the month cuz im gonna be in the finals for MvC3 every tourney.

Yo, on everything, I’m there! That’s how serious these events will be if I’M showing up. Much props to KK for getting this coordinated. I had always dreamt of a tourney venue that was closer to me than say Everett or Sammamish.

Garlic Fried Chicken Wings
Smoked White Fish
Bacon Wrapped Scallops

First Marvel 3 tournament in our area…

“Are you KIDDING MEEEEEEEE?!”-James Chen

Be there or be square (Robert Plummer).

I will go to one of these

I’m gonna be there tomorrow for HH around 8 if anyone wants to grab an eat with me while I check out the venue some more

I’m very happy about this.

10 minutes from home and 10 minutes to work is CRAAAACKIN.

good shit KK.



Are you serious? This is what’s up. Alternating between the two games is a great idea, venue looks killer, and most importantly:


Props, kk. 3 Kingdoms/Sushi soon?

Yeah all these events in Everett, Samamish, Yakima, and Okanogon National Forest are way too far for me. 206. I got shit to do son. Shout outs to KK and wrapped sticky rice. I can eat like 10 servings of that. Hella bomb.

Many props to you KK. You know I am down to bring a setup for this.

im loving a place that’s closer to the south end!

I’m not even sure I’m going to play MvC3 at all, but I’ll still show up for this! <:

WORD UP! MvC3!!!

Oh yeah no smoking that DRO right outside the venue either, y’all should know that’s a rule by now.


Venue with a central location/food/drinks? FUCK YES!

Good shit KK. Even though I’m not trying to play mvc3 like that, I still got you for a setup.

Omg I haven’t been on srk in ages!

Very interesting location, props KK! I will be there. =)

Ahhhh shit! I need to try and get saturday’s off.

Wow, you even got Peachy to come out of his cave? Now it’s serious. Nice job, kk, sounds like a smashing good time.

Sol whats up with people not playing MVC3? And thank you pops for this blessing.

You’re only going because of the dim sum =]