STFU AND PLAY a Monthly Alternating Tourney Feat. MvC3 and SSFIV (Coming soon)

Can we turn this into a threesome?

[SF, MvC3, and Tekken 6]

Tekken 6… They’re trying to make some money Super Joe. Yeah I said it!!

Watch it SNOOKIE, watch it!


Oh man, dim sum and tekken… There is a god after all.
Please coordinate with me so we dont double book events. I will def be at this shit and I’ll bring 1 or more setups.

This looks awesome. I’ll be there for sure to take ppls $$$. Put me down for a setup pretty much every time, since i live like 10 mins away.

MARVEL 3 tourneys? Fuck. Yes.

might hit this up

I don’t know about all that.

As for Tekken I am not going to throw any Tekken tourney’s at the moment sorry guys but i would love to throw TTT2 when it comes out.

Reminder: If people are going to smoke dro or anything please don’t do it on the premise please do it away from the venue and get rid of the smell before you arrive thanks!

also the management want to see what crowd noises will be like so we might have a Trial Run for SFIV tourney by the end of the month or the beginning of Feb.

My buddy (the bartender who will help us on saturday) suggest to keep the noise level to minimum on the trial run and then go nuts on the official 1st tourney =)

Please Stay tuned everyone for updates

i like your buddy

Best Western-like tournaments and hospitality?

Sounds great, the Seattle central location always brought in more people than other places like the dojo. I’ll definitely try to come out to this.

This venue is really nice and has tons of potential. Cant wait for events to start there!

Just out of curiousity, what is the internet situation like at the venue? Is there the possibility that we could stream events at some point in the future?

I always thought this place was a kind of busy lounge at night, so I’m wondering when we are there will the rest of the place still be open to the public? I guess I’m just worried about it being too loud or crowded to run tournaments.

If you mean being dicked over by a bitch ass manager then I hope to hell that is not what will happen in the future with O’Asian.

Sure you can have tournaments here, NOPE!! Then we’ll have some random dude running from KK jumping out of office windows to avoid him for a good week or two. LMFAO.

Don’t expect TTT2 anytime soon, not even a year from now. We probably won’t see a console release of that damn game till the last quarter of 2012 but most likely sometime in 2013 if Namco doesn’t fuck up the first version like they did with Tekken 6 and make a character or two retarded. At least Namco is good at fixing mistakes on the first try now a days.

Since you want the noise level down does that mean I can’t go? LOL

We should all wear Seahawks merch when we’re loud to confuse everyone.

A tournament downtown? Finally!
Definitely going =)

Please let me know, as well as G-Effect so that Portland doesn’t book events so that we can try to make it out to these things too!

lmfao on point

This is important as I don’t think these sort of events can really last if we’re in the way at all to the rest of the guests that evening…kinda like AFK where we’re just all over the place and you can feel the frustration.

hahahah best plan