STFU and play


Yeah so, back in my day (I’m exercising one of my privileges as an old man. Deal with it), players got respect by winning tournaments, not by posting videos on YouTube. I suppose this crap was inevitable given that there hasn’t been a new tournament game in forever, but things have reached a new level of stupidity.

To me it looks like 99.99% of the Marvel community has just given up on ever winning a tournament, and is looking for any alternate way of gaining recognition. This is the favorite refuge of the scrub (YES, I SAID IT) – you can’t compete in the “real” game so you make up your own alternate game with some bullshit rules and try to be the best at that. Money match, race to 50, I pick your characters, and you have to play with the controller upside-down. But it’s for $1400, so it’s gotta be tops, right? Right?

There’s nothing wrong with a money match. We all love em. But I draw the line when EXHIBITION play becomes more of a draw than tournament play, and mid-tier players who wouldn’t make the semi-final bracket at Evo are the new Marvel celebrities.

-bitter old man


Can I get an amen?


Wow I need to pay more attention to Marvel :sweat:


maybe its cause of wong, lol.

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well said ink


Damn, I’ve felt that way for years…


Yeah…heaven for fend MvC2 becomes more about flashy stuff than gameplay :rolleyes:


Same, I’m just a scrub anyway…



Honestly is there anybody in any other game that is as dominate as he is? With the record of winning almost all the tournaments that he has entered, especially after everybody got more advanced?

Sanford is great to watch and might be better than JWong but there is nobody as consistent as JWong.

Video game celebrities is as big of a joke as MTV having quality television. :rolleyes:


good read,
keep up the ranting :tup:


so Thresh, Fatality, Daigo, and Justin Wong are jokes? cmon, im sure you know better than that.


I’ve always wondered about that, maybe money matches make a game more popular. In the VF community I’ve never seen a big money match ever go on. We mostly just play for like hours on hour on hours of death matches.

A part of me feels that if VF had hype money matches like Marvel maybe American gamers would actually give the game a try. But a part of me also feels that would ruin the VF community right now cause most of our community is based on kindness and respect (seriously, VF players are too nice).

I don’t know, a lot of the people here in SoCal who play VF have been promoting it since VF3 (around the time Marvel came out and then got insanely popular) and probably were still as nice and open back then as now. But 8 years down the road Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is probably one of the most popular fighting games in America, hell it’s literally THE American fighting game. VF has had 2 iterations since those days, one of which was possibly the best console fighting game ever made. But still no life for the game.

Anyhow, I hope people save the best play for all games for EVO Finals. I enjoy watching Marvel even though I don’t play it and I admit the hype for it is awesome.


I’m pretty sure Valle never lost an A2 tournament. If he did, he lost early and then went on a huge streak of owning everyone. But yeah, Marvel is pretty stratified.

That’s not what really causes the whole rash of trash at Marvel though. The thing about Marvel is, there are more top players at Marvel than there are for any other game right now. Since it’s such an old game, probably more than any other game we’ve ever played. There are probably at least 50 people out there who are legitimately really good at Marvel. And probably 100-200 more just below that who are almost that good but still really skilled. It sucks being in this group because I mean…you’re hella good but you’re still never gonna win shit just because you’re beneath all these other great players…and even they’re behind Sanford/Wong/etc. Compare that to CvS2 or 3s where there’s like…less than 1/3 as many people who are legitimately scary.

With all these good players who don’t get enough recognition through the traditional tournament scene, it’s going to cause a lot of friction and stuff that is most easily solved through money matches or extracurricular activities. It just happens, it’s one of those things about Marvel that I think you just have to kind of accept.

Oh yeah, and a lot of you fuckers are attention whores. Don’t forget that part.

–Jay Snyder


Word is bond Inkblot, you hit the nail on the head.


So everyone being popular is somehow detrimental to the scene?

I’d rather mid-tier players get some recognition, small recognition, but recognition at that. It gives baby steps for everybody to work through. No longer do you have to go through the tough journey alone to make it to the top, it’s not a one tier ladder, it’s a 20 tier ladder, and frankly, it makes it easier for everyone to have a chance at the top.

Of course, if a 5000 dollar money match happens and it’s two people who can’t triangle jump or some shit are playing, then yeah it’s pretty dumb.

Edit: Also, exposure to mid level play is good, mostly because a lot of people are deluded to think that only high level matches will teach you anything. There’s stuff in mid level matches that you will encounter and won’t be able to beat, and you don’t see it in high level play for a reason.


they are talented but turning video game players into celebrities is a joke. Why not house the volunteer firefighter? Why not pay for a teacher to travel?

Your priorities are outta wack.


wow, just wow.


celebrity /s??l?br?ti/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[suh-leb-ri-tee] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
?noun, plural -ties for 1. 1. a famous or well-known person.
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?Synonyms 2. distinction, note, eminence, stardom. Unabridged (v 1.1)
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why are my priorities being questioned? im questioning your personal definition of “celebrity”. why are you bringing volunteer firefighters and traveling teachers into this thread? stay on topic.


Clearly there is something wrong here, but I think your rant is a little misdirected (or imprecise anyway).

What is the problem exactly? You seem to be implying that the players engaging in exhibition play or money matches are causing a problem. Sure they have ignorant attitudes, vandalize property etc, but that’s a separate issue. Then you go to say you “draw the line” when they get more attention than tournament play. So is the problem the money matches or the community for giving them too much attention?

In my opinion, which admittedly means very little, the problem isn’t who is getting respect or attention, or what rules people use for exhibition matches. To be blunt, the entire community’s attitude is retarded. Respect is irrelevant. Attention is unimportant. If a bunch of socially and mentally challenged people are paying attention to a loud, violent jackass, who gives a shit about them? STFU and play.


whoa, now word is bond!
Big-up tp STFU and play.