STHD 5 on 5 exhibition team qualifer tournament at EVO North/MWC 2009 June 13

I’m sure most of you have heard about the team STHD exhibition event to be held at EVO2009. If not look here:
I’d like to have a qualifier tournament for spots on the team, and doing it at the MWC, the Midwest’s largest tournament, only makes sense.

At Nickel City, space permitting.

On Saturday after the SF4 and possibly after GGXX. This would put the start time somewhere in the neighborhood of 4pm - 7pm. At this point, this start time is a bit flexible because we are borrowing tournament TVs and PS3s from Jason. If someone is willing to pony up some extra equipment, we could get this going sooner in the day.

Nothing monetary, simply your time. In return, you get an opportunity to play on the big screen at EVO2009 in one of the featured grudge matches.

You must fulfill the following requirements to participate the qualifier tournament:

  1. Have a pulse
  2. Be from the Midwest (MN, ND, SD, WI, IL, IA, KS, NE, MO, OH, MI)*
    *“Boarder” Midwest states likes KY and TN need an official ruling from the EVO staff to okay participation.
  3. You have to be going to EVO. If you don’t think you’ll be going to EVO, please don’t participate. I’d prefer you to not ruin someone’s chances that is going for sure.

Here is what I know as of today:

  1. 3 spots are available, yes 3. Two people have been given automatic spots by me based on their past experience:
    -Jesse Howard from Minneapolis, MN (Ryu)
    -NKI from St. Louis (M. Bison/Dictator)

    Yes I know STHD is a new game but let’s face it, it’s not that different. Both of these players have proven their chops in tournaments over the years, their spots are not up for grabs unless they decide to not go to EVO.

  2. My spot is up for grabs. Since I haven’t proven anything in a long time, I plan on having to qualify just like anyone else.

  3. Anyone that doesn’t qualify in the top 5 will be an alternate in order in which you finish in the tournament. In the case of a tie breaker, those players can play off in order to determine the alternate order.

  4. You cannot play M. Bison (Dictator) or Ryu in the tournament. Everyone has to be a different character and Jesse and Nick have already taken those two. If that’s your guy, too bad. Pick someone else.

  5. Akuma is allowed

  6. You must declare what character you are using at the start of the tournament and stay with that one character until the conclusion of the tournament. You are allowed to change your character at the start of the next tournament. Once a character is claimed by another team member, you cannot play that character in a later tournament.

*7) At this point I plan on running 3 separate tournaments, double elimination, single game matches, grand finals of each tournament 2/3 games.

If there is a low number of participants, I may change the number of games to 2/3, 3/5 grand finals if time allows and if the participants agree to it.*

If we have 2 stations to play on, I think we could rip through this in no time. I’d also like some help running the brackets or at least access to a laptop with Bracketmaker. I personally don’t have a laptop, but that program is great to keep things running efficiently.


When is the evo/mwc tournament and where? I might be interested in attempting to qualify.

I want to say single elimination just for the fact that it adds more pressure. It’ll be a good gauge on who can handle the pressure better. Also it’s a team event, which means that you also won’t have double elim, once you’re beat you’re beat and the next guy picks up where you left off. Just a thought to put out, I see positives for each way.

what if the 3rd and 5th place both used the same characters to place in the tournament? Do they get to keep their spot, who gets the character and the person that loses their character do they just get to pick someone else?

you could try to run it like the SBO qual at TGA a few years back though that’d take a while. Running 3 tournaments and for the first they can’t use ryu or dictator, whoever wins the 3rd tournament the players in the 4th and 5th can’t use his character too.

Of course that only matters if the placer for 3rd to 5th spots had the same character. If a unique character wins each spot then its irrelevent.

I really like the idea of round robin

or even combined with double elim

example, double elim until you get say 2 or 4 left in winners and 4 in left in losers, and round robin from there to get a solid 3 who have proven themselves over the top 6 or 8 who are left on the bracket after matches have been played out. Because with this team event you are trying to find out who is better in several different matches against the cream of the crop, not just who can place top 3 in a tournament.

Also, for this event, are you locked in to one characer, or can you just not use Mister Bison and Ryu?

I think three separate single elim tournaments would be best. It ensures no two players will be using the same character, and it closely emulates the “one-loss-and-you’re-done” format that Evo will use.

P.S.: I’m honored to have an automatic spot, but if anyone thinks that this is unfair, I have no problem playing for the spot. :tup:

I have no problem with NKI and Jesse being already on it.

I think they deserve it.

Ill enter this as well, not getting my hopes up to qualify but itll be good fun!

I think Vega deserves a spot, but if this is the format I hope he makes the team.

I’m all for single elimination as well

Sorry, i wish i would have read more carefully. I agree with the single elim style! My bad!

I want at least 3 MN players to make this team. Wes, by early April, as soon as I get a X360, we’re going to have to practice. Weekdays, weekends, etc… as soon as I feel confident that I can make qualifiers in TvC. We have over 3 months… plenty of time to get up to pace, especially for a game like SF2.

It’s sounding like the multiple single elimination tournaments are the popular choice at this point. Assuming we would do the tournament(s) this way, you would have to declare which character you are using at the start of each tournament, and stick with that one character throughout the tournament. You would be allowed to switch to a different character when we start the subsequent qualifier tournament (and in fact, may be forced to switch if someone qualifies with your character).
One thing I’d like you all to think about, while double elimination and round robin make for a ton of games, they do reduce the luck (or unluckiness) of the draw. Some characters have distinct advantages over others in STHD. You could get a bad draw in terms of a character mismatch and lose to an inferior player and you’re done. Keep in mind, if we seed according to the previous tournament results, this could happen to you in every tournament. There’s really no way to completely avoid this with single character tournaments. I just think that there’s a tendency for the cream of the crop tend to rise to the top in double elimination and round robin tournaments. Food for thought.


What about… still keeping the single elim format and rather than tying a player to just one character… allowing them 2 characters (one to keep as a counter pick) and allowing the option for double blind character select if there is a stall on the character select screen? While abiding by the rule of not allowing characters who have already qualified for the team… I know this sounds a little sloppy, but just throwing the idea out there.

+1 vote for single elim

Wes, play Ken not DeeJay, that’s mine =P lol, we’ll have to get in some more games over live.

I disagree with this idea. I’m the king of switching around multiple characters in tournaments but you have to consider the Evo event format this time. If you qualify for the team and get up on that stage at Evo, and a good Honda player steps up to face you, you are stuck with Cammy.

Allowing you to sidestep Honda players by choosing Akuma at the MWC qualifier doesn’t do team Midwest or any team Midwest hopefuls any justice. It doesn’t really show if you deserve one of the spots or not. Sorry if that sounds harsh but that is just my opinion.

You could have the first run-through be a double-elimination event, then use the placement in that tourney to seed the final two single elim events. At least that way the seedings would be more accurate. I know that might take a while and I guess it wouldn’t really do a whole lot to eliminate counter-character matches (as seed 8’s character could be a good match against seed 1’s character). I guess I’m just throwing it out there.

Personally, I think that most characters have bad matchups. So if you’re serious about playing that character you need to learn how what to do even in a bad matchup. The best players should be able to win even through a bad character matchup.

Alright guys, I did some quick math to roughly figure out how much time we can expect to spend on each type of tourmanent. To keep the math simple, I’m assuming we will have 16 players per tournament (I realize there should be 15 and 14 for the later tournaments), and I’m assuming that there’s no delay waiting around for people and configuring equipment.
Format 1:
-Double elimination
-2/3 games

-16 players
-3 minutes a match
=(29 matches * 2.5 games/match * 3 minutes/game)/2 game stations = 109 minutes/tournament * 3 tournaments = 327 minutes = 5.5 hours

Format 2:
-Double elimination
-single game

-16 players
-3 minutes a match
=(29 matches * 1 game/match * 3 minutes/game)/2 game stations = 44minutes/tournament * 3 tournaments = 132 minutes = 2.2 hours

Format 3:
-Single elimination
-2/3 games

-16 players
-3 minutes a match
=(15 matches * 2.5 games/match * 3 minutes/game)/2 game stations = 57 minutes/tournament * 3 tournaments = 171 minutes = 2.9 hours

Format 4:
-Single elimination
-single game

-16 players
-3 minutes a match
=(15 matches * 1 game/match * 3 minutes/game)/2 game stations = 23minutes/tournament * 3 tournaments = 69 minutes = 1.2 hours

Format 5:
-Round Robin
-2/3 games

-16 players
-3 minutes a match
=(120 matches * 2.5 games/match * 3 minutes/game)/2 game stations = 450minutes/tournament * 1 tournament = 450 minutes = 7.5 hours

Format 6:
-Round Robin
-single game

-16 players
-3 minutes a match
=(120 matches * 1 game/match * 3 minutes/game)/2 game stations = 180minutes/tournament * 1 tournament = 180 minutes = 3 hours

I prefer Format 2, the time seems reasonable, and it prevents from the one and done bad seed draw. Since you can only play one character anyway, 2/3 is a bit pointless because counter picking doesn’t come into play. The shorter overall time of approximately 2.2 hours should allow us time to play a few extra matches for the tournament championship or even later rounds of the tournament if there’s demand for it.
Let me know what you guys think. I also would like to point out that it’s unlikely that 16 people will participate, but I bet we will have more then 8. We could modify the number of games played at the start of the tournament depending on how much time we have available.


if its single game double elim I would then suggest 3/5 rounds for that match similar to online ranked matches.

It doesnt have to be that way but its just a suggestion.

Format 3

BTW I’m going to have my PS3 and HD monitor there as well so it can be like an aditional setup for this, as they haven’t really requested extra setups for other stuff. But I have a feeling that this will just be on SDTVs so you can at least still use my system for this.

Im pretty sure everything will be on SDTVs. No one wants to risk even any lag on a hdtv. I did that at Frosty Faustings and a couple complained.