STHD, can a beginner learn it through SF2Turbo?

So, i decided to buck up and learn how to play STHD for Evo2k8. Although i do yearn for VF5.

I was wondering, could i get prepared for it by playing SF2Turbo? Or will the games be too different?

I don’t really keep up on Evo events, but are they:

using STHD for sure?
are they using classic or the altered mode?

If it is the classic mode, then probably. If timings are changed (which from my understanding, they aren’t), then no.

im presuming you mean ST, not sf2 turbo (hyper fighting)

evo is using the remix mode, but it’s not going to be so different that you can’t learn anything from practicing on regular ST. the fundamentals are the most important part, and they aren’t changing.

No matter which version they end up using, you’ll definitely be able to learn a lot of applicable stuff by playing ST. The HD Remix is exactly that, a remix. It’s just a rebalanced version of the game. Like COUM said, the fundamentals aren’t gonna be changing.

There will be some differences in the 2 games but if you understand the original, all you’ll have to do is adapt to the new things.

I bet sf2 hd remix will be a failure more than hsf

original st = pure gold

rest = crap

I’m not going to even bother with this absurdly ignorant statement.

Tell me what magic version of HD Remix you’ve played already that gives you this knowledge on how the quality of the game is? Lets hear about your experience with HD Remix? I want information on the basis of actual hands-on experience, Not some hypothetical hearsay garbage you pulled out of your ass.

At least Sirlin is asking Pros for their input on the changes he makes for HD Remix. But you knew that already right? :rolleyes:

Or the fact that HD Remix is pretty much an Arcade perfect revision of Super Turbo and updated Remix Mode is simply an extra mode that is optional (Just like the Arranged mode of Puzzle Fighter HD Remix is optional as well), Or did that slip your mind too?

When you have educated yourself on the facts, come back and try again.

I for one welcome the new changes to HD remix…especially making Cammy’s hooligan throw command a lot easier to do. That’s gonna bring Cammy up a tier right there, you just wait.
When is SFHD coming out anyway?

I bet SF2 HD remix will shut your mouth after wut you said>
Trust me!:yawn:

The fact that pros are working on the game means little- pros have worked on a fighter before and had it turn out crap (Anarchy in the Nippon- made by some VF2 pros).

That said, if the right pros are working on it, it can be good. Sirlin is the right kind of pro to work on the project. I would not want, say, Jeff Schaefer’s vision of ST. But Sirlin knows game design from what I’ve seen. I’ll trust him until he is proven wrong.

Considering Sirlin is getting tournament vets and champions for input on his design changes means very good things. He asked John Choi and Nekohashi for input for giving Ryu a fake fireball, as well Graham Wolfe for changes on Balrog’s safe jab headbutt.

So with that said, at least Sirlin is asking those that had experience on the game and have been to EVO and other tournaments prior to making changes.

It shows he is being VERY careful and meticulous with his changes. Instead of just completing the game and throwing it to a beta test of unknown Non serious Super Turbo players.

I’ll take my chances much much more with Tournament vets that know the very depths of Super Turbo over some casual players who’s input could make the game much more lacking.

At least with the decisions of the Vets, the games depth is likely to improve and make it more balanced rather then the latter.

So what is stopping you?

It’s not official but there will be VF5 at Evo. :wink: :tup:

lmao i knew you would say something along those lines.

It will be a success no doubt. But will you buy the game Spinal or are you such a hater that you will not even play the classic version in HD :wonder:

There is no reason to play an extra optional when u already have a cool game. The extra optional would have to be superior than the original, which will happen very hardly. I don’t understand all the hype, the interest will die after 2 months

if thats your attitude why arent you still playing CE?

^ Exactly, Spinal why do you fail to realize that this is not ST ?

st is a much more balanced game than ce

and ce will might be better than hd lol

way to completely miss my point :rolleyes:

If the major rules of the game aren’t changed it’s just a poor alteration of a cool game

hd remix (optional version) = svc chaos and capcom fighting jam end, die in 2 months

Work on your English and trolling skills, they both suck.