STHD on 360 or PS3?

Assuming STHD is going to be one of the games selected, any word on Evo’s platform of choice? I’d like to know for building a joystick.

Edit: Answered, Remix version on PS3s.

I would think PS3, actually. VF5 is a goner for sure, and they won’t need 360s for anything else. However, they WILL need PS3s for Tekken, so why not use them for HD as well?

Thing is, though, the 360 version will definitely have the stronger online player base, unless it ends up having some sort of gameplay flaw compared to the PS3 version. If online is important to you, I would suggest a 360 stick, but if it isn’t then go with PS3.

Hopefully someone with more information can chime in!

its already been said that ps3 version will be the no brainer choice unless theres something really wrong with it. ps3 has more stick choices and compatibility and they already need ps3’s for tekken as it is. makes it much easier

Plus no red-ring worries. How shitty would that be for ST stations to die on the floor.

should be on 360 since the majority of people will have it on 360

That’s a great question. subscribes

The stick question is interesting. Pelican certainly makes the PS3 very appealing here - are they still in business?

But as I’m sure you know, Evo can’t afford bringing on any extra money issues, especially with no more Toyota.

If they cut Tekken this year, then the 360 version would be the a possibility since it’s cheaper, but that ain’t happening - that game draws too well, and running an older game shouldn’t be a big issue since the community generally seems to prefer DR over 6 anyway.

I would prefer to play the game I have access to over the game i dont

I think Pelican’s still in business, but unfortunately they discontinued the PS2->PS3 adapter. I’m not aware of another reliable converter :sad:

He said it best.

ST HD, Tekken DR…possibly and SC4?

I don’t get why people are predicting SC4. Has there been any precedent of deciding a game to be at Evo that’s not even out yet? What if they decreed that SC3 were to be played at 2k6 before it was released?

Whoa whoa whoa. Are they making something even better? Because I can’t find no other reason in discontinuing the converter that beats out every other brand in its class.

legal problems apparently

Being the dickwad they are Sony said “NO” on it. I do hope it’s on ps3, I’d rather use my converter than my shitty DoA4 stick.

What about those that dont have converters ora ps3? Shouldnt it be majority rules?

I sure am glad I bought an extra Pelican then. :sweat:

Yeah, because it’s worked like that for every other game. No, it’s whatever the EVO staff can feasibly accomodate. The biggest flaw lies in your assumption that there will be more people at EVO who have it on 360 than not.

With a better online infrastructure and a sparse sf community I am more than positive the 360 version will be the way to go for the majority of people

SC3 sucked and it was broken
SC2 was just sick

Even though PS3 VF5 had a slight lead in release time, it still sold double the units of the 360 version, and it didn’t even have online play. You can’t just make assumptions just because you have a 360.