Sthd Uptade!!!

First off, here’s the link to the blog post:

Basically heres whats going on if you dont want to read the whole thing:

  • They needed to redo all the art on the characters because there was way too much detail and way to many shades of color to animate. Basically, in 2d games, they have to make sure every single line and shade works flawlessly in the animation. The original designs were far to ambitious and complex to animate. They have new, simplified designs (the blog comes with a picture but it has NOT been optimized yet.). These simplified designs will make the game much more easy to animate and is more of a realistic goal for the team to work towards. They tried it and it wasn’t working, so now they have restarted.

  • In the extra time it is taking them to redo the art, they are adding new features into the game, and improving on features already in development. This is also allowing them more time to perfect the rebalanced remix mode.

  • Net coding has been giving them issues but they are pretty confident that “SFHD will provide the best online console experience to date.”. A very ambitious claim that i hope they will live up to. Supposedly, new technology in the online console gaming department has allowed them to really improve the inputs for online play and hopefully get very close to a lagless online experience.

  • Working on an 8-man tournament mode, and the net coding for that.

  • Remixed and Classic music.

  • A hit-box display option.

  • Microsoft has allowed them support to get around the XBLA size restriction, meaning both the PS3 and Xbox360 versions will be complete versions.

  • Updates (and Videos?) will be more frequent.

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