Stick 2xqc to the right problem

hello, its been a while ive been using a stick, it got a sanwa jlf yt sk something you get it…the one in TE

im still having a hard time pulling off ryu’s ultra for instance; to the left isnt a problem at all, but when im standing on the left side, its so freaking hard.

Im wondering if anyone got some special technique to perform it easier, like using wrist or thumb only or something?

ive already put input display to on in training mode, it seems i often miss the second Down. When i perform it slowly, it will work, i mean really really slow.

So yeah any techniques/advices? oh and please tell me your grip:blush:


There is no special technique, just practice more. What grip other people use doesn’t matter, use whatever is comfortable for you. If you do a search, you’ll notice that other people asked this same question and everyone gave the same answer.

^can you tell me your grip and if you find it very easy to input 2xQC to the right?
Any other ‘‘useful’’ suggestion? anyone?

I find a loose grip helps, don’t ride the gate, the usual advice, seriously nothing beats sitting there doing ultras for 1 hour straight, I’d bet u can do it then :slight_smile: good luck

ok thanks all
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