Stick 4 and 8 directions at the same time?


I Bought a T5 stick ( US version ) and I’m very unsatisfied by the stick .
I was impatient and didnt buy a hrap :wink:

Well lately I’ve heard about stick that are 4 and 8 directions at the same time

My first question would be , If all the stick are like that .
Second, Is the t5 stick of this kind and if yes , how do you do it ?

If no , I’d like to buy a stick and I’d like to know the DIFFERENCE ( not which one is the best ) between sanwa and seimitsu stick knowing that I’d like to have a 8 direction or 360



please clarify yourself a bit.

I think you are getting two concepts confused. 4/8way is an option for different types of games. Games like pacman do not have diagnals and therefore you do not want to hit say up and left at the same time. Setting yoru joystick to 4 way prevents this from happening so it is only possible to hit one direction at a time. For fighting games, you want 8 way for obvious reasons. Unless you are playing pacman with your t5 stick, you won’t want to change it to 4 way. I honestly hope you are not playing pacman with a t5 stick.

In case you are trying to play pacman with the t5 stick, I don’t think it can be set to 4 way (because no one would want to). p360s, seimitsus and sanwas can all be set to 4way if you wanna play pacman with one of those.

the difference between sanwa/seimitsu/p360 is all preference. p360 is… uhh… ew, I hate american parts so don’t talk to me about them. seimitsus and sanwas can be compared to the t5 stick. they feel similar except a tighter spring. Seimitsus have shorter throw distance and I think their springs are looser.

If you bought a brand new T5 stick and still don’t like it, Japanese parts may not be for you. The Hori parts lose quality much faster than a Sanwa, but I have heard a lot of people say they can’t tell the difference between a brand new Hori stcik and a JLF (Sanwa)

It’s impossible to have a stick in both 4 and 8 way mode considering a 4 way is simply an 8 way with a restrictor blocking the diagonals. However, there are sticks that have a moveable restrictor so that the same stick can quickly be changed from 4 to 8 way.

The question is, why do you want such a stick? All fighters are 8 way as are shmups and most any game after the year 1985 or so. The only games that require a 4-way joystick to play are the classics such as pacman, donkey kong, and the like.


T5 stick is made for tekken so the stick has a square motion if I do a 360 . I think its made for a 3D Game but I’d like to play street fighter games and such . When I do a Hadouken its tough . I have a Street fighter anniversary stick but after this american item I was deceved and prefered the japanese parts ( the buttons are the reason and the bat stick). But with this americain stick I can do perfect 360 motions whitout the square gate feeling .

I 'd like to know if I misunderstood when I saw a modifiable stick that can be switch 4 to 8 directions My questions is on this item , If all the stick have this feature
and if the T5 has it . Where can I find how to do it . ( please dont answer google )

And is the t5 stick 8 or 4 directions because I think its made for 3d games that needs to have the diagonals and up and down very well mark because you dont do the circle motion .


P.S If I wasnt clear in my message its because my english is so so

That’s even more confusing than what you typed the first time. Are you looking for a stick that will do 360 formations easier than the standard square restrictor? Something like an octagon restrictor?

Any stick that can go into the diagonals is 8 way. You will not find a prebuilt 4 way stick on the current market.

I speak french if that works for you. I think I get what your asying anyways. First off, the reason why you don’t like the american stick is because you’re not use to it. They are playable once you get use to it which takes a bit. You might want to mod the stick with happ parts which are better, but the stock parts are playable. As for the t5 stick and it’s square restrictor, all I have to say is get use to it. You could buy a octagonal or circular restrictor for it if you really wanted to, but tons of people play with square restrictors. I have a sanwa w/ square restrictor, and so does my agetec, and that’s just about all I ever use. After using it for over an year, I can do all the motions and 360s without too much problem.

Well thanks alot for the answer

Does somebody knows in the arcade if the gate are octogonal or square ?

Because I can pull off circles a lot easier with my street fighter stick (well I have to change those buttons ^0^ )

So I think I’ll buy another stick for my t5 , and personnaly im thinking putting an octogonal gate , But does it come with it ? And I saw on akihabara shops that they are selling cables , are those sales appart ?


thanx again !

Most (if not all) Japanese arcades use square restrictors. How the situation is in other countries I have no idea, but likely they use squares too if they have Japanese joysticks mounted on their cabinets.

I wrote most of the product descriptions for Akihabara Shop and thought I made it quite clear what each joystick comes with. Octagonal restrictor is always a separate purchase and is only available for the Sanwa JLF, likewise the JLF does not come with a 5-pin cable but all Seimitsu joysticks with a model number ending in -01 does.

Thanx alot

so What I need for my stick is the cables , the octogonal gate and the sanwa jlf

or the option could be like this

a sanwa ending in -01 with a octogonal gate

by the way I have a question

are the buyings in big quantity or you can buy only one stick

I think I heard once that you have to buy in big quantity to be able to buy



No, the models ending in -01 are all from Seimitsu and there are no octagonal gates available to them. The do however come with a piece of plastic that can be used to slightly round out the corners of the square gate though.

You can buy as much or as little as you want, no limits. Naturally shipping per unit would be cheaper the more you buy though.

bay Mag-stick/T-stick plus he has switched modes 4/8way

The mag-stick’s throw is tough for many people in fighting games though. It’s super short throw is great for shmups for that reason, but most don’t like it for fighters.

short throw- matter of habit.
I played on him year, only what it disturbed me this square restrictor.

oh shnap, short throw for stg? where can I get and how much are they?