Stick advice/query

Hi SRK, sorry to be bugging for help as my 1st post but thanks in advance :slight_smile:
So I just got done looking over this thread before anyone hops on my case about not looking for info. The situation I am in is that I am going to be getting a stick in 2 weeks. I mainly only play UMvC3 right now but will be playing Skullgirls and probably SF4AE/2012 (WTF ever the newest one is) in the future.

I have a few questions regarding which stick to get and why. After reading that amazing thread I noticed that the stick I was initially going to get (HRAP3 SA) apparently doesn’t use Sanwa buttons and I am not sure if that should concern me. Being relatively new to the FGC I am pretty educated about most of this from friends, so I do know that anything without Sanwa Denshi parts is a broken stick waiting to happen.
On that note the HRAP3 SA gets fantastic reviews, praise, and I know that the stick is Sanwa but not the buttons apparently.

I am basically juggling between whether I should get a TE or the HRAP3 SA (or something else?)
I am basing all of this on what I can get for $160 so keep that in mind.
I’ve heard that the HRAP3 SA is lighter than some fight sticks and that can cause issues moving around; confirm/deny?

I might have other questions later, I can’t really think of every single detail that I want to know about but any advice for someone getting their first fight stick would be appreciated.
Again, I read the thread I posted in my 1st paragraph, I am simply wondering if anyone has owned both sticks and could compare/contrast or if there is anything I should know about the HRAP/TE sticks or other options.

PS: Console=PS3 if that changes anything :>

Thanks again SRK

there’s a sticky right above you to help you with your query

I looked through most of those and obviously the one I linked as well and like I said, I’m more or less aiming for some more specific information from the users if possible.
Unless I should just post questions in there? If so someone let me know and just can this thread.

There’s just one little mistake with your explanation above: HRAP3 is not the same as HRAP V3 (that you linked on Amazon).
The HRAP3 is an older stick without Sanwa parts (as far I as know).
The HRAP V3 is a recent stick with all Sanwa parts (stick and buttons).

Your best bet, would be buying a TE right off. Whatever stick you do decide on buying, is most likely going to be easily modded.
The buttons? Dont listen to what everyone else says, just use whats comfortable for you. I have now owned 3 Madcat’s TE’s…
I will never go back to another stick.

All HRAP have Sanwa Joystick, except for the Seimitsu models.

HRAP 3 has Sanwa Joystick and HORI Buttons.
HRAP 3 SA has Sanwa Buttons and Sanwa Buttons.

You are getting models mixed up.

Then there is HRAP V3 SA, has Sanwa Joystick and Sanwa Buttons.

Read the stickies!!!

I’ve said twice now that I have read all of the stickies, I’m more curious is anyone can knows the differences or pros/cons of the TE vs the HRAP V3 SA

They both use Sanwa parts, so you really can’t go wrong with either.
There are more read drop in modifications for the TE (like the Kitty Board, different plexi options etc).
The difference as far as I’m concerned its entirely cosmetic, do you want the start button on the face of the stick?
YMMV with either stick, i’m sure some people will harp on the TE for pcb issues, but in all honesty I’ve had to replace more HRAP2 pcbs because of dead inputs than 360 TE pcbs (I myself still have a Round 1 TE that works perfectly).
The biggest factor for me would be price, and if you want the start button on the face.

Weight/ size differences and the PCBs
Both use Sanwa Buttons and Joysticks, so they are the same on that front.

Mad Catz TEs are widely used, have the most mod options of any stick on the market with the most after market parts including replacement panel options.
Hori been around for longer and picked up there game alot since Mad Catz became a contender

Although it can be difficult, both sticks can house Happ/IL and Korean parts with moderate to heavy modding

TE Pros
Sanwa parts
Easy to mod and customize
widely used
Metal top and bottom panels stock

TE Cons
past history with faulty PCBs (although this was mostly in the past) Xbox 360 models
PS3 models are known to have compatibility issues with certain PC USB ports/cards
semi-common stick
the middle layer, where the buttons are located makes it diffcult for alternate button layouts and non-Japanese buttons.
USB cable storage area is problematic

Hori Hrap V3 (and VX) SA Pros
Sanwa Parts
Easy to mod
Hori is a older company with a long history of quality products
Metal top and bottom panels

Hori Hrap V3 (and VX) SA Cons
More difficult to mod that the TE with fewer top panel options.
limited selection compared to Mad Catz TE (just current market items)
Harder to find at retail
Higher MSRP than TEs.

Sweet that’s sort of what I was looking for, thanks everyone for the help. I’m gonna end up grabbing that HRAP V3 SA I believe because it’s priced the same as most TEs and looks pretty nice, hopefully it weighs a good bit.
I’ve always understood that modding in any way voids the warranty obviously although there are probably enough people who could repair/ship.