Stick Advice

Well Im definetely still looking for a stick but i was wondering if theres a stick out there that can not only be played on Consoles but also on the computer? If so, a link or some info would be very much appreciated :smiley:
Thankies. :lovin:

any ps2 stick + a USB adapter sould work just fine.

A computer is a console, for the purpose of playing games at least.

I voucher for the usb adapter. Get one, you’ll never regret (unless you get a bad one).

Alrighty. Any suggestions on a particular adapter?

radioshack adapter

Mmmkay sounds good.
Thanks for all the help. :lovin:

Yes the radioshack adapter is badass and works for any PS2 controller (even non DS)

Thats the one i used for the stick

Righty. My birthday was last month and I still haven´t bought myself something for it…so prolly I´ll be buying a stick :smiley:

Going along the lines of this topic. Has anyone tried the sticks from They’re a little pricey, but look pretty solid. Feedback?

Savage Garou

I have seen some lowmounted joysticks in my time but DAMN, this one takes the cake.

Ha! I didn’t even notice that. Surely that’s a fluke though?

Good catch, I missed that one.

Yep, the customer requested it that way. That one was a standard Happ Reunion stick bottom mounted. He wanted something closer to a d-pad, but could still be used with MAME. It actually works really well by cupping your hand over the top. It was a dustwasher thickness shorter than the sticks on my Nintendo vs cabinet. I updated the website with a “regular” pic.

i used my friend’s wind spirit converter. he got it in hong kong, and i heard that it’s a bitch to find online.

it works great, no lag on all the sticks i tested it on. recommended if you can get your hands on one.