Stick advice

Hi, I would like to buy the best stick that I can for around the 110$ range. The main thing I am concerned about is how long it will last, and whether or not I can replace the parts easily.

I don’t care if it has custom art or not, that’d be nice but if it was just imageless I don’t care.

It needs to be playable on xbox, and in the future if I decide to go to tournaments I should be able to buy an adapter or whatever and play on ps2, or ps3 if possible.

Also time is an issue, I’d like to receive it as soon as possible, so I don’t want to have to wait a month for it to be built. I was going to buy a mas stick from estarland, but they’re out of stock.

I thought about posting in the trading outlet but I figured I’d get more noob-specific advice about sticks here…Thanks.

1.)its life is dependent on how well you treat it

2.)so you want a custom stick? most builders make it easy to replace parts
(which isnt hard to replace in the first place)

3.) im not sure about xbox converters, but you can probably buy one somewhere
or request for a dual system stick (which would be more)

4.)depends on the builder’s schedule some might be full some might be free

5.)looks like you want happ parts (american) most builders can accomidate that

i dont know what advice you need just go to trading outlet and find a builders whos stuff you like and request an xbox happ stick im sure a builder will be happy to answer anyquestions you have

It also depends on if you want a P360 or regular Competition happ stick…

actually I have a question myself now that I bring it up. Which is better for CVS2, P360 or Comp?

I don’t know what the difference between a p360 or competition happ stick is :slight_smile:

I know most MvC2 players love the P360, but I think Comp stick is good for CvS2. You can try getting a SFAC stick and buy some Happ stuff then do this:

If you want a MAS try They go to MAS directly and get the sticks done on the spot. I ordered a mini from them early last week and they said I will get it before this weekend. Not too bad of a wait time.

^^^ that is very easy

but those sticks are $$$ on ebay

i started off with 2 pelican real arcades
now theyre both happ modded

and one t5 stick

and hrap 3 later :wink:

it never ends…

p360 is always good period :smiley:

zechness: the differences between a p360 and a happ is that competition has a square activator and uses cherry microswitches
(the one in the middle)
the p360 doesnt have microswitches and operates via
photo electric sensors :wink:

but i wouldnt dabble with a p360 since you’re new to this fare and rather i recommend a competition…
unless your builder knows what hes doing/youre getting a mas then by all means go with a 360

i suggest doing a custom

SHOO! go on aim