Stick, Agetec case and PCBs


All prices include shipping to the continental US.

Madcatz SE 360 Stick - SOLD

  • Still with box, only played for about 10 minutes. I’m fairly sure it has the “washer” problem, although I’ve never opened it up to be 100% sure.

Prewired Cthulu + Xbox 360 PCB - $30
This is wired up an original madcatz “arcade stick” PCB (ie the one that looked like an atari joystick). Triggers have not been wired. The connections were all functioning when I removed it, but if you buy please plan on doing some rework of your own to fit your needs/and potential damage in shipping.

Original madcatz “arcade stick” PCB (ie the atari looking one) - SOLD

Agetec Dreamcast controller shell - SOLD
In damn near perfect condition, includes start button.


Is the Cthulhu MC or PC/PS3 only? And how about shipping to Canada?


Hella interested, ill pm when i decide, good luck.


pm sent on stick


pmed the agetec shell


PC/PS3 version, not MC. Sorry though, no CAD shipping, just not worth the hassle.


payment sent for the agetec case. thanks.






thanks bro.