Stick and buttons

Well, after much time on the TE stick I have determined that I hate Sanwa buttons.
I press down way too hard and my release time again is very short so in most cases the button is still held down even though I’m trying to press and depress the button. ;(

Which buttons have a stronger spring action so that after I press a button down it’ll spring back up and I can get that tactile feel for when I am able to press it back down again? Should I go for HAPP or Hori buttons?

Also, the stick is so annoying. The travel distance in all directions is waaay too much and I get annoyed with it sometimes. Is there a stick with short travel distance to actuation point and a stronger spring system inside so it’ll want to force the stick back to neutral much more?


That also said, how are the hitbox arcade sticks? I learned how to play fighting games on the PC with my keyboard and I find myself preferring it much more than a stick. I’m very interested in the hitbox but I also heard they come with Sanwa buttons only. That I know I’m going to hate. Are they easily moddable with different buttons in case I find myself liking Hori or HAPP buttons more?

You’ll probably want Seimitsu parts then.
Seimitsu buttons have a bit more “spring” and tension in them. I personally prefer those to Sanwas. Happ buttons won’t fit in your TE case, as far as I know.

My exposure to Seimitsu sticks is minimal, though. Someone else might give you a better answer to that.
On a side note, you can always switch the spring in the JLF to a much stronger one (the spring to a Seimitsu LS-55, for example), and you could probably swap out the actuator with a custom one to change the throw on the stick a little bit.

You DO NOT want Hori buttons as they break quickly and you are not going to find but the buttons loose anywhere.
It is the Industry consensus is that Sanwa are better than stock Hori.

Happ isn’t recommended in a TE, as it is VERY mod heavy.

Look into Seimtsu push buttons.

If you don’t like the JLF travel distance then you will hate Happ joysticks
Look into a Seimtsu LS-56 or LS-58 joystick if you want short engage short travel.

As for Hit Box, its very niche and not for everyone.It has it’s Pros and Cons.

Keep in mind when first starting with a stick you will first start playing worst before you get better as your body have to get used to new motions.
Once you develop the muscle memory the stick will become easier