Stick and Misc Discussion

Hopefully there wasn’t already a thread about this.

This thread is for discussing various thing outside of in-game gameplay. I want to discuss about stuff like hand positioning, holding the stick, seating, joysticks, buttons, execution methods, etc, etc…

i’ll start off by going over a few things on my mind.

The Joystick:“dildo” vs "lollipop"
Most of the arcades in my area have the american “dildo” style sticks. i use a masstick at home as well. but recently i played on a jpn style stick and the execution seems so much easier. i’m thinking about getting an agetec. if anyone has any insights on what it’s like to play on both american and jpn sticks, post up. i’m curious on how it affects your gameplay

Holding the stick
related to the joystick itself is how you hold the stick. Before i went to evo2k4, i used to hold the american style stick between my pinky and ring finger. this made it real difficult for me to play with the joystick on my lap. during evo, i watch players, such as dr.b and popoblo(to name a couple), who play with the sticks on their lap. they have near-perfect, if not perfect execution. in my head the phrase “double you tee eff” is going off in my head over and over. After evo, i try out a new way of holding the stick.
right now, i’m holding the stick between my ring and middle finger. because of this change, the rotation/movement required for my wrist/arm has been greatly reduced. a lot of motions that were previously difficult became a lot easier. doing bison’s paint the fence became possible for me. the only downfall of the change is that i’m not used to dashing/running or small jumping. but i’m sure that’ll change once i get used to it.
on a side note, when i first played on the jpn sticks, i held it between my middle and ring finger, and it felt really natural, unlike the american sticks. however i tried holding the jpn sticks between my pinky and ring finger and damn it felt weird.
post up on how you hold the stick and why you do it.

Button inputs
once again, i just recently picked this up. but i’m now double tapping. i’m curious on what people use double tapping for. I see some people double tap for doing special moves only, while some people double tap while doing links. personally i’m trying both, but there are some situation in which double tapping has hurt me more.
for example:
-Rock, c.short, c.jab, c.fwd xx deadly rave. i can’t really do this because i hold c.fwd down to avoid negative edging. does anyone double tapped and held the button down on the second press?
-sagat. c.short, s.jab, s.jab, c.fwd xx cannon. before i double tapped i could only get the s.jab into c.fwd, but c.short into s.jab gave me problems(which is weird). however, when i started double tapping, c.short–>s.jab became easy but now i can’t get the s.jab—>c.fwd link. i’m thinking maybe i should use both methods of inputs in this case since one method works for the half of the combo while the other method works for the other half of the combo. or maybe i should continue double tapping the whole thing to practice a good habit? something i’ll debate on for a bit.

body position
i sit. i need a stool. i can’t play standing. it feels weird, plus i have to crouch over slightly to get a comfortable grip on the stick, but my neck kills me when i do that. sometimes i put one leg up on the other, which doesn’t bother my gameplay at all.

at home, on the masstick, i have my legs up on the table wrapping the masstick to hold that sucker in place. if i think about it, it’s kind of weird. but i dont’ notice when i’m playing.

anyways i have class right now. i’ll post up more later

P.S. i was told that arcade infinity doesn’t have comp.

i’m not sure if there are many opportunities for people who don’t live in CA (i.e., place to get stuff) to use lollipop joysticks, aside from ordering them with shipping costs…but yeah, I suggest that everyone try them out. Less motion for the same results, making lots of things easier…like that s. fierce into qcfx2 motion easier…

Plus, if you have a friend that keeps offering you to go to an arcade with lollipop joysticks (such as Arcade Infinity, in my situation), and you keep refusing because you just wanna stay at home and play dota all day, then make sure you realize what you are missing out on…make sure you appreciate this. Cuz if you don’t then I’m never gonna offer it again, changa!!!

out of curiousity, which of the following do you guys prefer, and explain a little why.

-american or japanese sticks
-how you hold your stick
-double tapping, single tapping, both, or mashing?
-sitting on stool, chair, or ground, or standing?
-what you’re often doing between rounds(i.e. stare at opponent’s face, look at other maches, doing RC elec motions, etc)
-when there’s good players at the arcade, do you “WATCh” or “play” for the majority of the time there.
-what you rank as most important to learn:execution, setups, footsies, anything else i missed