Stick Arcade Templates Thread

I had a friend of mine who wants me to make a design for his HRAP 1, i m asking if some SRK fellows have a .PSD file or .AI of a template of the buttons layout because my scan is just about a4 and the metal plate is too big to get a 1:1 scale.

So the idea of a thread where we can find the templates of every arcade stick layout could be helpful.

I had a namco ps1 stick template and i m about to vectorize a Agetec DC stick template soon. I’ll add the links later.

Ps:Feel free to move it in proper section , if i am wrong or delete if there is already a topic about it. Thanks. :china:

Cool stuff. Looking forward to the agetec stick template :lovin:

yeah im desperately looking for a good doa4 template.

Where are they?

In my pants :confused:

Namco PS1 template you say?
I’m assuming thats the grey one with yellow stick/buttons; I’ve never seen or heard of any other Namco ps1 stick.
Anyway, I would love the template for that, I gave up searching for one and made my own but I, uhh, don’t trust my own measuring ability.

I can’t help you out with the HRAP1 template though, sorry dude :frowning: