Stick arcade... w10

Hello guys, don’t know if i can post this here, so sorry if i’m mistaken.
I own a Qnaba q1 as my first stick arcade, and yea it’s soo good playing with this.
It worked perfectly on windows 7, but after my upgrade to windows 10 it doesn’t work anymore… Do you have any idea to fix it (it just says that the pluged device has a driver issue or somethng like that) ?
thank you in advance.

this isn’t a SF4 question

please post hardware questions in tech talk


Its easier than we make it be. But first before we mess with your stick, lets bring Windows 10 up to speed.
If you bought your PC off the shelf Head over to your PC manufacturers website, If you built your own head to your mother board manufacturers website
Download and install any updated drivers, repeat this process with any video, sound and network cards you might have.

I know this sounds out of date but trust me go and download and install Direct X 9.c
Yes Windows 10 comes with Direct X 12, the newest version but many games, controllers and such are expecting some of the older direct X files.
Don’t worry it will not over write Direct X 12, just gives you a wider library of DLL files for your programs to work from.

Now to your stick, find and open Device manager. You can get it from right clicking My PC/This PC and selecting from there.
Find your stick (you might need to have your stick plugged in for this) uninstall the device drivers

Now if you haven’t before, go and restart your PC.

Plug in your stick and let Windows search automatically select the drivers, it might search the internet, let it.

To make sure it works open your Gmae controller applet. Easy way to get here is Hit Win key+R and type joy.cpl
From here you can check your sticks properties and test all the inputs.