Stick art assistance

arite, i have exactly what i need, but idk about the buttons… something seems wrong with the button layout

i have teh measurements all in there

it’s in PSD format

if somebody could help me, that would be awesome :slight_smile:



btw, if it looks fine, then could somebody let me know that it should work fine then?


bump again…

damn, nobody can help me out?

Uhm guess this is a preference thing but the lined up layout
is always wrong imo :slight_smile:

Seriously though it looks allright for that type of layout though
I think it looks like the start/select buttons are a bit to close to
the stick and main buttons.

that’s where it’s at on the stick i’m currently putting the art for… it’s a snaaake stick, so of course it sucks.

lol, so true… sonny’s sticks suck according to EVERYONE else too.

the exact reason why i rebuilt it once, and it was fucked up cuz the stick is terrible and the PCB he used was a piece of shit and it burnt out the cherries… i rebuilt it with parts from an older stick and now that needs replacing, so i’m basically rebuilding the entire thing, except the case, because im’ too lazy to do that.

the pcb, he had a box of them that he got on amazon for like a buck each. theyr’e the shittiest PCB’s in the world.