Stick Art Critique and Advice

My Godfather Themed Fightstick Art. I Like how it looks, but cant help the feeling its either missing something, or something is off. Any and all help is appreciated.

Heres the Stick it will go on

My advice would be to flip the image around, in other words have the don’s face on the other side. As it stands now a chunk of his face will be covered by your joystick and the dust washer which I’m sure you don’t want. Also I’d suggest using some clear Seimitsu buttons, you know the ones where you can insert art into them. This way if you flip the image around you’ll still be able to see his face with the buttons there. Besides that though I think it’s a cool template, keep us posted on how it turns out.

A big chunk of his face is gonna be gone if that’s what you feel is off. . .

I thought about doing that, but i figured that he would lose more of his face under the buttons, so he keeps most of his body by the joystick. But il make it anyway just for perspectives sake. Il post in a bit

Heres what it would Look like

I’d probably try and blow up the image of his face/ find a larger source for that pic. . . and position it so that more of the top of his head and the left side of his face possibly. Or flip him around so that the darker side of his face is the one facing the joystick/dustcover. . .

Any other ideas?