Stick Art Needed

I am on the hunt for some artwork to go with a stick I am building. I would like to have a black background with Naruto in three tails form. I would prefer him to have his Shupiden uniform but would not be opposed to the original series. This will be a standard 6 button stick with three on the side. Depending on the artwork I would use transparent buttons and add the art there. I would also like the artist to sign their work and will make sure it shows on the final stick.

Thank you

I can try. any image you have on hand?

The only images I have seen is in the manga and anime. I’ll look through the manga and give you an issue and page.


I found something like I am looking for in chapter 291, page 17. I am going to guess around episode 22-23 or 29-30 of the anime. It is when Naruto is on the bridge facing Oruchimaru.

Here is the wood we are working with, Nara. The top board has a finish on it which is why it is darker.


aight dimensions btw?


sorry not big into naruto and tbh this is actually the last fight i watched in the show, just thought he had 4 tails.

The second one is what I am looking for. The dimensions should be 12x8. Naruto has versions with 1 to 4 tails. I like the three tail version because you can still see that it is him.

well these are the only three things i can find:

oh WOW if you could work with this one that would be perfect. I like the closeup of his face.

Tat guy, is there any update on this?

sorry dawg had some major problems friday on through sunday. . .

Anyways I’ve got it fitted up on the dimensions you gave so let’s see if this right so far:

I’m forgetting being so long if it needs to be set to 300dpi, but that usually seems to be more of the maker’s preference. so just get back to me if that’s the case. …

went ahead and did it, and uploaded the image:

Could you zoom out a bit and pan down? The rasingun shurikan behind him is out of what I was looking for in the theme. Or could you do something to get rid of it? 300dpi is fine as I will be printing this off myself.

Thanks man,

attempt 1:

The original colors were fine. The red aura around him is key. If you could just do something with the white in the upper left corner yet still keep the rest that would be great. I know you are working with a flat image instead of layers so it is difficult. Could you contact the original artist and ask for a layered copy?


so this with out the white at the top left, and the orginal image colors? I can do that

I was referring to this one…

Just zoom out to get the edges of the original image then pan down so his face is just below the center line. Then remove the white if possible and still keep the original form and colors. I’ll shoot you a PM with my plans for this as I want the rest of the effects to be reveled only when the stick is complete.