Stick Art Request ($10)


Hello. I am looking for custom art for a Qanba Elive Pro limited edition. My sources tell me that Art’s q4 template will work, just ignore the start button on the right, as the Elive stick doesn’t have it.

Here is the Template
And here is a pic of the actual stick, so you can try to make the art match. the case and such.

As for the actual art, I’d like Boxer’s SF4 crazy buffalo logo but change the text from “Crazy Buffalo” to “Crazy Otter”. Also, you guessed it, change the buffalo silhouettes into otters.

Here is a pic of the original logo.
And here is an example of a cartoony otter that you can use.

Aside from that, just do whatever feels right. I will render the artist who chooses to do this $10 via paypal on July 6th, or whenever the work is finished thereafter. I’ll pay more if I’m happy with it, considering I may ask for a revision or two. Thanks!