Stick art request #52448

Hey, I basically SUCK at art period, and because of this I need help. I have a picture of Storm that I would like on my upcoming joystick. It has a background already but I just want her only on a white background. I’m getting a mini curved stick from Finkle if that changes anything size wise. I’d also like for her to be in between the stick and buttons. I’m open to any suggestions on what else to throw around her, so let me know.

Thanks for the help

not sure what you would like for a BG, if you want me to mess around w/ it, i can do that. other than that… here ya goes. btw, you might want to tell him to give you a template to go by. ya know, a digital layout of where the buttons and stick are gonna be and what should the dimensions of the art be.

damn thanks man.

I’m going to email him about the template and dimensions. As for the background, feel free to do as you please. As long as its a white theme and nothing too crazy. I’m a simple man. Thanks again

good shit JQ

There goes the template…

cool, did he give you the dimensions? or are the borders of the template copy going to be the dimensions for the stick art too?


he didnt say, but as far as i can tell, the border is the outline of the art. Tell me if this is a problem so I can email him. Thanks.

i’d like to be sure that the borders are right before i start. resizing becomes a problem with quality.

Mind if I use that image for something?

sure. i don’t mind.

sorry I was at work, from the email I got, the borders are the dimensions of the stick art.

awesome, i’ll get started. :wgrin:

I love you man…:lovin:


here are a few i came up w/. let me know which one(s) you want and i’ll take out the guidelines. btw, on the last one i did your name, i can add that to the other ones as well.

Im liking the last one so far.

Either way Storm is gonna get shot.

wow those look HOT…and I’m liking last one with the name in there too. Only thing is, I told him I want white buttons. Just trying to imagine that pic with white buttons and a balltop. Think it’ll work? Maybe if Shortboi had a dark outline but was white inside?

Either way, thank you so much for the work. I’m gettin excited now…

After lookin at it for a while, maybe if what is blueish now in between the dark clouds was more white…? What do you think? Oh and if any of this is too much work, I won’t be so picky and take what I can get:razzy:

i can mess w/ it some more if you like. if i make the blue any whiter, it will be white… lmao. i’ll try though… :wgrin: you said you wanted mainly white so, for the first one i made it white with a slight tint of blue for the skies. also, rmember with your name text i can put it on any of the others and change with the colors, outline, and shit. .lemme know k.

I know it will look much different once it is printed. Cant wait though.

I just had a question. Not being criticial or anything, I think it came out nice. I’m just curious if there is a reason you didn’t bump Storm over to the left a little so she isn’t cut off by buttons? Just curious.

the ring around the joystick that covers up the hole.