Stick Art - Second Opinion

So, I’m working on some art for a custom stick I plan to have made at a later date and I’ve been pleased with it up until this point. I need another eye to look at it and give some opinions. I haven’t worked with Photoshop in ages, so unfortunately I’m really rusty and I’m trying to get back in the groove.

First one has a glow effect for Canti’s monitor/symbol, the second is without. I thought the glow kinda threw off the text, but even without it the text seems out of place. Without the text the left side feels empty, but with it, it just seems to clash with the rest of the image, so I’m trying to find a happy medium.

I’ve tried adjusting the colors of the text, moving it around different locations, different sizes, and just not having the text outright.

I could use a second opinion, critisism, and contructive ideas.


I’m very new to stick art but I’ll throw in my 2cents for what its worth.

Text needs to be smoothed out more very jaggy. The stick art I’ve made I’ve never worried about it looking too empty as long as the images are interesting, because at the end of the day you will be spending more time playing on it than looking at it, so your hands will be covering up most of it. So I tend to do the art around the button and stick so I do find out that I have to cut out someone face or something…

The image of the monitor needs to be sharpened up a little otherwise it the low resolution will look too out of place. If you have buttons that light up when pressed I reckon that those would work well with the monitor.

Thanks for the input. Yeah I still have some cleaning up to do and I’m still working on getting rid of some hard edges and giving the image and overall better look, just trying to pick out the main things that are bothering me atm.