Stick Artwork for Big Beef!

Box 14"x8.5"x3.5"/4" button Layout

Someting with Slipknot the buttons are going to be White with a black stick Thanks in Advance

to the point huh? n.n


So can anyone take my request?

Well I see no one could do whatever then

*will give it a shot

WOW I had already given up hope many thanks

i can’t figure out a good method to get the slipknot logo in there, and since i’m not familiar with the band, i have no idea with the creative aspect of it…
if you want anything more specific, let me know what you want done exactly. i’m planning on doing a black/white theme with a spot of red, because that might look cool, if not, strictly black and white. i had a good idea, but the logo didn’t fit well…

Black and white theme with red seems like a very good idea if you can fit in the logo between the buttons and stick and put the name Rob in the top right corner in white. as for the rest I leave that up to you

arite, i finished it this morning, but i didn’t have time to upload it… had to run to work… i’ll show you what i got later on… might not be til tomorrow morning or late tonight… i got another 8 hours here @ the office before i’m home, then it’s dinner time… so i’ll see what i can do…