Stick Backwards Compatibility?


I was reading the other thread mentioned in Tech Talk about our current sticks not being able to be used in the next gen consoles. Is that still the norm right now? (the thread is 4 months old)

If not, then have there been other sticks released that are backwards/cross compatible? (e.g. usable for 360-Xbone and/or PS3-PS4)

Right now I have a problem; I have only a HRAP V3 SA that I use for my PS3/PC; but my local arcade (that I wish to join the scene later on) only plays games on a 360. I don’t want to spend the time or money modding/paying someone to mod my stick for 360 support since it might be time to trade up soon anyways. Plus, I really like my HRAP as it is (although the LP button is getting stuck somewhat…which is frightening but it’s all right for now).

Would appreciate any thoughts/pointing in the right direction/people flaming me for not using search function. Thanks!


Fixing your button is easy and cheap (micro switch swap, clean the rim and plunger with rubbing alcohol). As for you modding dilemma, it will probably be a while before the Ps3 and 360 are retired, as there aren’t a lot of new gen fighters yet. Most everyone else playing them is hesitant to go throw lots of money at new hardware as well.


Thanks for the heads up… (I’ll try the cleaning trick too, hope it works)

I’ll probably wait a bit then before I mod my stick (I’ll just practice offline/online at home for a while). Maybe then there will be more information…or more people to find in the NYC area to mod my stick (yes I know there’s a thread, but I don’t know if these people are still active on the forums…).


There’s only one way to find if they’re active or not: send them a message! Otherwise, you can try someone else. The Hori V3/VX is common ground, so it should be an easy mod.


You could buy a PS360, enough wire for the job, and plenty of .110 quick disconnects/sleeves for less than $70 from Jasen’s customs. In theory, they may be able to update that board’s firmware to add new gen down the line. Wiring up a stick with a solder free board (like that one) is really easy, and there are plenty of people here willing to help you. As a bonus, you’ll probably learn enough to troubleshoot and repair sticks on at least a basic level.

If you’ve got the chance to join some new people to play fighters now, go for it. The opportunity may not be there in the future.


Oh, and make sure you remove the micro switch from that button before cleaning it.


Thanks for the tips! I don’t own the tools to most mods that involve the insides of a stick and it might cost me more or less the same amount of money/time to give it to someone else to do. Although I would really love to learn how to do it myself…