Stick-belt: be proud of your stick ;)


For anyone who carries his arcadestick to compos and tourneys and doesn’t wanna carry around a bag all day, or have the risk of dropping your arcadestick on the floor, I’ve made a sample of a swapable stick-belt. It lets you be rightfully proud of your stick :wink: And have it wearable but still ready-to-play.

Here was my first idea:

This is my first prototype:

I’ve added my aluminum case-feet that are on sale on another thread:

By using the feet with the existing screws on the TE you can turn them into thumbscrews. This way you can twist the feet to quickly release the belt:

The belt is made with M6 holes in the leather flap so the thumbscrews will fit through them:

Them twist the feet to secure the belt:



If you decide to not use the belt, you can disconnect it in 10 sec. and it’ll fit right in the cable compartment of the TE.

The pics above are made of the first prototype.
Afterwards I’ve ordered some production samples including the leather model:

Not my choice of color :wink:

If you’re interested let me know.

Q: What if i don’t have a TE?
A: No probs, you can use 'm on pretty much any other arcadestick. I also sell a nuts-n-bolts set so you can also apply it to other sticks. Also the cable of non-TE sticks shouldn’t be any problem as i can supply a piece of doublesided Velcro to fold the cable and wrap it around the belt.

Q: Do I need to open the TE and risk losing the warranty on the stick?
A: Not really :wink: But, on the inside of the TE, Madcatz has glued 4 nuts to lengthen the screwthread. It’s glued with Locktight and can come loose if you remove the original screws/feet. If that happens then you would need to open the bottomplate and break the seal of the TE. Ofcourse allmost anybody has done that allready but just so you know :wink:

Q: What about the quality of the belt?
A: The leather belt is made from premium leather and quality stiching and is also very strong and will last a loooong time.
The nylon belts are not going to be sold. After doing a lot of quality tests they couldn’t handle 40 pounds off pull. That might sound like a lot but when the stick accidentally gets caught on something they might rip.

Q: Can i play while the belt is connected?
A: You can bet your *ss! The belt only raises the stick 1-2 mm. So no big difference.

Q: What will they cost?
A: The belts sell for the following price:
Premium leather stickbelt + feet incl. worldwide shipping: $35

Simple Strap/Handle Mod for arcade sticks

The current status is that i’m checking if there is enough interest in the belts so i can order them in bulk. Let me know if you’re seriously interested by replying or sending me a PM.
As soon as i order them it’ll take 4-6 weeks for them to be ready to be shipped out and another 6-8 days to arrive on your doorstep.


Yes, very much interested.


thats sick i would buy one but its kinda pricey for just a belt u know


i would get a leather one, looks sweet


Are you offering some form of customization on the belts?


The belts have to be ordered in very large quantities so any customization in the factory is not possible but i’m looking into putting custom logo’s on the leather belt by template airbrushing with special leather paint. It would be nice to have your own nick on them :wink:


Akuma looks so dope


Aren’t those guitar straps?


At that price, I’d def be interested in getting a leather one.


I’d definitely be interested in this if you’re willing to ship to the UK~

Does anyone know how well a wooden stick would hold up with this? Or is it only designed for TE?


Shipping to UK is no prob. It would save you $3 on shipping.


Cool, but I’d rather put it in my evo bag. I’d be too afraid to scratch mine up accidentally on something if I did it like this.


Finally! Now I can let my stick hang freely in pride, and let everyone bask in it’s glory, as it swishes and sways, without getting any dirty looks from angry parents and elders! <3


I 2nd this. I want my stick protected. What if its raining or something. Plus you can carry other things in the evo bag as well as the stick.


Aww. I was hoping for a wrestlemania type title belt. Imagine how sick that would be withe the gold TEs!

#17 D’Andrea Guitar Strap Button Pair, Gold: Musical Instruments
that way you dont need to like unscrew the feet to remove.

if only if it has rubber bottoms


Innovation at it’s best, kudos Jinxz. I’m liking the leather too.


Very nice.


This is a fantastic idea! Why has nobody thought of this before?! When I go to tournaments I take my stick in a backpack, the backpack usually ends up sitting empty in a corner somewhere and I hold my stick when not playing. My hands steadily get sweatier and the stick seems to get heavier making me change hands/grip all the time. This would be the perfect solution to that!

I would like to see a pic of someone actually wearing it though.