I bought a madcatz SE and swapped the stick out for a sanwa. It’s fantastic, save for one minor issue. If I, say, hold the stick all the way to the right and let go, it will snap back in such a way that it triggers left for a brief moment. It’s enough to screw up specials if I let go of the stick, or make me jump if I was ducking. Not fun. I’ve since just learned to never let go of the stick, but what could be causing it? I’ve NEVER heard of someone having this problem before. And the thing is, I have a seimitsu and it does the same thing. I use an octagon/circle gate, could that be it?


that’s…normal. don’t let it snap back to neutral. They use springs dude. Someone whip out a physics book for this guy.


Just be glad hes not playing on an american stick…


don’t let go of yer stick! control that shit!


Just to be fair, I’ve never had a HAPP bounce back and hit the trigger like the JLF/LS-32 do.


Newtons Law of inertia states that things that are in motion tend to want to stay in motion.


Just do the LS-33 spring mod and you should be good


What you’re getting is the spring compression and Newton’s law.

When you press the stick right, the spring compresses. When you let go, the spring will make the stick want to go back to neutral (i.e. the steady state), but since it’s (the stick) not critically damped, there will be overshoot and cause the stick to go over to the left side (once again compressing the spring but not as much as before due to energy loss). This will go back and forth until the stick goes back to neutral.

Long story short, unless you mod your stick with a disturbingly strong spring, you will continue to have this - even more so when your joystick is used more since the spring will get weaker. But don’t worry, that will take a long time.


lol craziest thing ive ever heard about joysticks

this is good, ls55 is good too. cheap way. i took apart the madcatz se spring and twisted it with sanwa spring


What he said + that little extra throw distance on the round and octo gates adds to the force.


I really don’t understand why people on this forum have to treat people like morons in order to answer a simple question. I know about physics. I’m not 6. I also know that my friend’s sticks don’t do that, which suggested that something is wrong with mine.

Anyway, I can extrapolate that this is a normal phenomenon for japanese sticks due to their weak springs. Thanks to Don illMatiX and hacksparrow for the suggestions, I’ll see if the hardware store nearby has a suitable replacement spring after checking out some guides. Should help with the bouncing and make the stick a little tighter, which as a big strong american is something I could use.


ah, well i replaced mine, with a sanwa. so, your instance would be like to go to home depot, and get a spring pack. it comes in a blister pack about 5 bucks it has a variety of springs but there are only 3 that fit. they are 3 of the same ones that are near identical to the sanwa spring. i’d screw the 2 springs in the pack and shove it in the stick it should be a good return to center.


It just gets asked quite often.


It’s normal and as bad or worse on many American-style sticks too.

With the octo gate you have a longer throw in the ordinals, so it can bounce back harder than normal. I don’t generally have this problem with my JLFs on a square gate, though if I go to the diagonals (longer throw) it is easier to reproduce.