Stick Builder ID of Two Custom Chuns

Yo SRK -

Browsin’ around a while ago, I saved pictures of two custom Chun sticks without citing the builder in the file name/info. Now that I’m looking to get into contact with a solid builder, I’d like to track down the creator(s) of these two sticks.

A beer goes to the gentleman or lady that helps me out. Will ship worldwide. :wink:

Peace y’all! (and thanks a ton)

I believe the creator for the first custom stick you have posted is from Voltech (U can see his name branded above the joystick)… hes upgraded his technique on making customs since then so i don’t think u can get that exact type of custom anymore but heres his thread for you to take a look at: WTS: Voltech Arcade Sticks FTW!

As for the second stick pictured i have no clue… sorry…

hope that helps… d(:slight_smile: )

Both sticks I believe were made by Voltech. The first one for sure, but second one I think it’s him, but not 100%. I don’t know if he still does these style of sticks though. He’s upgraded his work quite a few times since these sticks. Post here to get in contact with him…

I know he’s was at Evo this weekend, so you may have to give him a day or so to respond.

Okay, I’m the one getting beer.
Not any of you guys.
I’m serious.

First Arcade Stick is by VOLTECH.
That is his old slim design, and he does not make it anymore.
He moved away from using wood to now working with metal stuff.

Here is the back of VOLTECH Chun-Li.

Second Arcade Stick is from DatterBoy.
He does not make Arcade Sticks for people, as he very busy.

Here is back of DatterBoy Chun-Li.

JDM - what you say breaks my tiny, calloused heart a little bit. Both of those are absolutely gorgeous and I’d gladly pay for the work. Not too sure if I could vibe with a metal case from Voltech and DatterBoy’s work is incredible. Wish he could be swayed into making a stick for someone. :slight_smile:

Ultra Slim Case from DatterBoy is incredible.
I wish I can get one from him, but he cannot make for me.

The Chun-Li is not the Slim from DatterBoy.
He made Cases that were thinner than 1.5 inches!

He cannot make one for you or he doesn’t do commisioned work on sticks any more? That slim design is quite sexy!