Stick/button layout - wide or close?

I’m getting an Arcade-in-a-box stick and I’m torn: I want to go with the wide layout, but my art only works with a close layout. The close layout is just like the arcade SFIV, the stick is very close to the buttons. I’m not at all bothered in the arcade, however at home I play for longer periods and the stick is in my lap, so I think the wide layout will be more comfortable.

How do you guys feel about wide versus close? Do you find there is much difference in regards to fatigue after playing non-stop for hours? Are there any issues performing with a close layout when the stick is on your lap?

I use a close layout and it works well for me. Performance comes from getting used to something, so no matter what you pick, eventually it’ll be your norm.

I play close layout in my lap… it’s actually easier than a wide layout but it’d be tough to describe without actually having you hold the joystick.

Go for close, I doubt you’ll regret it. I see so many posts with people trying to switch to octo gates and American layouts and Happ bats… the best way to get better is to have a setup similar to the pros (the Vewlix setup). It might be awkward at first (all new control schemes are) but you’ll never be at a disadvantage when playing a real opponent on a real machine.

Hope this helps!

I’ll go out on a limb here and put in my vote for wide, at least on American (which I assumed you may be getting from AIAB). When I did this tutorial it mentioned moving over the buttons which found to be more comfortable. I wouldn’t stress too much over it though. You will quickly adjust to whatever you choose.

go for the one you find least comfortable(no seriously…) the less comfortable you are the better you will preform. :rofl: not even a joke… i would go with close because thats what arcade is though =\